Quest:Tutorial: Choose Clan Blessing

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Choose Clan Blessing
Faction Creep
Level 150
Type Solo
Starts at Gramsfoot
Starts with Malavin
[11.9S, 20.6W]
Ends at Gramsfoot
Ends with Malavin
[11.9S, 20.6W]
Money Reward 20 Silver 14 Copper 
Rank change Increased Infamy (20)
Repeatable No
Quest Chain Creep Introduction
Previous Quest Tutorial: Allegiance and Blessing
Next Quest Tutorial: Power of Corruption
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'This choice is an important one, for certain. But as the master has deemed, you can freely choose what clan you shall represent in the battle for a time.

'You should feel free to approach whichever tribe you choose without fear that you must always represent that clan. No, little worm, you can freely change your allegiances the same as you choose your diet for a day.'

She offers you a weak smile.

'Simply choose an emissary and accept their blessing. If you decide later that you dislike the benefits that their clan provides I am certain that they will abide by the master's law and allow you to freely choose your clan affiliation for now.

'Was that word too big for you? You seem to be staring at me more slack-jawed than usual. Perhaps, you should go make your choice.'


Having met the emissaries of the clans, you must now make a decision. What clan shall you represent in the conflict of the Ettenmoors?

Objective 1

  • Choose a clan and receive their blessing

The time has come to choose your clan allegiance. All you need do is speak with one of the emissaries and choose to represent them on the field of battle.

Objective 2

With your choice of clan made, you should return to the emissary, Malavan and speak with her.

Malavin: 'I do not care for the choice you made, only that you made one.'