Quest:Tutorial: First Steps in the Ettenmoors

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Tutorial: First Steps in the Ettenmoors
Level 150
Type Solo
Starts with Captain-General Tordúr
Starts at Glân Vraig
Start Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [20.5S, 13.5W]
Ends with Captain-General Tordur
Quest Group Ettenmoors Freep
Quest Chain Ettenmoors Introduction
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'To the east, behind the foliage and stones, there is a path that leads to the keep of Ost Ringdyr. We keep a relic of power within those walls.

'I want you to travel there to see why we fight. I have provided you with a map showing a quick path back here to Glân Vraig. Go now with haste and return by way of the map, so that I know you are prepared for the battle to come.

'Travel along that path to the east and stay close to the cliffside so you do not fall down into the proper battlefield.'


You are nearly prepared for battle, but the Captain-General has one more task for you before he sends you into the fray.

Objective 1

Travel out of Glân Vraig by the path along the cliffside to the east of Captain-General Tordúr and make your way to Ost Ringdyr.

You have arrived at Ost Ringdyr

Objective 2

You have discovered the keep of Ost Ringdyr. You should now use the skill Return to Glân Vraig to return quickly to the main encampment.

You have returned to Glân Vraig

Objective 3

You have returned to Glân Vraig. Speak with Captain-General Tordúr and let him know that you are prepared to fight in the battle for the Ettenmoors.

Captain-General Tordúr: 'It is good to know that there are those like you, willing to come and fight for this land. We will remain resolute in this battle. The armies of Angmar will not press into the south, and it is by our force of arms combined that we shall see this through.
'You are prepared as best as I can see. Go forth.'