Ost Ringdyr

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Ost Ringdyr
Type: Ettenmoors Keep
Region: Ettenmoors
Location: [16.0S, 12.2W]


The ruined keep of Ost Ringdyr [16.0S, 12.2W], nestled far to the east of Glân Vraig , surrounded by a deep trench with only a few paths into its heart, stands as the main keep of the Free Peoples. It is from here that the leaders of the Free Peoples army have reached out to the Eagles and Bears in the north to stand against the tide of Darkness swelling from Angmar.

One of 7 keeps in the Ettenmoors, Captain-General Lainedhel is based here.

It can be accessed directly from Glân Vraig by means of a well defended path along the mountain walls which leads to the slope immediately in front of the ruined keep.

Free People defenders of Ost Ringdyr receive a +3 hope bonus within the keep.

Behind Captain-General Lainedhel, is the "flag room", holding all Artifacts captured by the Free Peoples.

The keep is often assaulted by the Army of Angmar (Creeps) as they attempt to wrest the Artifact, The Fragment of Mordírith's Crown from the Free Peoples.

The Gift of the Carrock is also stored here when in possession of the Free Peoples. (They must be captured then brought here by a Freep.)

Quest Involvement

Lieutenant Ingi

First Marshal Sathryth

Emissary Pip Diggins

Lieutenant Unferth


In the main courtyard

On the second floor