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Freep Players in the Ettenmoors can play as a Session Play Ranger ; similarly Monsters can play a Session Play Troll . The Trolls and Rangers are available for one hour, upon an expenditure of Ettenmoors reward items based upon your side of play as follows:

Creeps pay 500 Commendations to play as a Troll for 1 hour.
Freeps (Free Peoples) pay 500 Commendations to play as a Ranger for 1 hour.

The quantity of player controlled Trolls and Rangers varies depending on the number of keeps and outposts held by the opposing site. Currently, there is a maximum of three session play characters.

Note: The second Troll or Ranger is often referred to as the "Lugazag" (or "Lugz") Troll or Ranger, respectively. This is because of the quest text to get the second Troll or Ranger session started and has nothing to do with who holds Lugazag. Simply put, which ever side holds none of the 5 keeps and not more than one of the Outposts (regardless of which ones they may be), the second quest giver will appear and allow a player to bring forth that second creature type. So a side holding only the River Outpost will have access to 2 of their sides special session creatures to play.

Each session lasts for 1 hour but can be aborted early -- either by logging out of the game or using the option to log out of the session.

When you complete a session, you need to talk with the quest giver to "finish" the session off -- it is considered a quest that must be finished and, upon completion, it will prevent you from playing another session for 11 hours from that character. If you do not speak with the quest giver at the end of your session, you will not have completed the quest so it will prevent you from another session until you do finish it -- either by abandoning the session or by completing it via speaking with the original quest giver. In either case, you will not be able to play another session for 11 hours FROM the completion/abandonment of the quest that began the session. (as in you played a troll yesterday and another is needed today. You go to get a troll and find you did not speak with the quest giver so you "finish" the quest and your 11 hour block begins from THAT time versus when you actually ended the last session you played).

Note: It is possible to play a session, switch to another character and play a session from THAT character... Repeat with as many characters as you have but this has been viewed as an exploit at times and can cause a player problems.

It is considered impolite, and a reportable offense that can lead to your account being suspended, if one begins a session and does not take the creature to the field to fight -- as in beginning a troll session, run the troll to a corner of the zone and park it there to prevent it being used to help the creep side from fighting back. This type of "tactic" has led to extended suspensions of some players accounts and it is recommended that players who see such behavior report it so appropriate measures may be taken to prevent such behavior.


"Rangers are stealth based warriors adept at slaying foes of the Free Peoples quick and silently."

Ranger session play is begun by speaking with one of the two quest bestowers located in Glân Vraig: Uirnen, who will provide a ranger session if one is available through the quest Aid from the Rangers, and Gelbes, who will provide access to a second ranger session via the quest Against the Stone-foe. Gelbes will sometimes also offer a third session with the quest Ranger in the Ettenmoors.

The availability of ranger sessions is gated by the number of keeps currently held by the Army of Angmar. The first session becomes available once Angmar holds more keeps than the Free Peoples do. The second session becomes available once the forces of Angmar hold all keeps. The third session becomes available once all keeps and all of the Ettenmoors Outposts are controlled by Angmar. All three session play ranger characters look almost exactly the same (slight colour variation on the front armour and on the cloak) and have the same stats and attacks.

Note: Rangers can join freep fellowships and raids while their session is active.

Starting a Ranger Session

In order to start a ranger session, players must talk to one of the quest givers in Glân Vraig and pay 500 Commendations to begin a session.

If two or more ranger sessions are available, they can all be played once. The quests are repeatable daily.

Ranger Attacks and Skills

Active Skills

Buff Skills

Ability Category Level Power Cost Cooldown Description
 Ranger stealth Buff 150 - Enters Stealth mode. Movement speed is decreases slightly.
 Misallocation Buff 150 361 - Enters Stealth mode while in combat. Stealth is not broken by damage for 10 seconds.
 Blood of the Dúnedain Buff 150 - 1m30s Heals 1,655,280 morale every 4 seconds for 20 seconds.

Melee Skills

Ability Category Level Power Cost Range Description
 Dúnadan's Strike Melee 150 - 4m Causes 6 second stun.

Debuff Skills

Ability Category Level Power Cost Range Description
 Dúnedain Mark Debuff 150 - 40m Target loses 280000 Evade Rating and 251000 Physical Mitigation and receives +10 Incoming Ranged Damage.

Ranged Skills

Ability Category Level Power Cost Range Description
 Fly True Ranged 150 19,480 40m Restores Power to self upon critical hit
 Righteousness Arrow Ranged 150 - 35m Can be cast on the move. Causes the Burning effect on target
 Dagger Throw Ranged 150 - 20m Roots target for 10 seconds

Monster Play Destinations

Ability Category Level Induction Cooldown Description
 Good Map to Lugazag Travel 150 10s 5m Transports the Ranger to Lugazag.
 Good Map to Tirith Rhaw Travel 150 10s 5m Transports the Ranger to Tirith Rhaw.
 Good Map to Grimwood Travel 150 10s 5m Transports the Ranger to Grimwood.
 Good Map to Isendeep Travel 150 10s 5m Transports the Ranger to Isendeep Mine.
 Good Map to Tol Ascarnen Travel 150 10s 5m Transports the Ranger to Tol Ascarnen.
 Precise Map to Glân Vraig Travel 150 15s 5m Transports the Ranger to Glân Vraig.

Passive Skills

Ability Category Level Power Cost Range Description
 Ranger's Protection Passive 150 - - Protects the Ranger from most Crowd Control effects.

Ranger Stats and Attributes

"You are a Ranger, dispatched to keep safe the contested borderlands of the Ettenmoors from the Witch King's army. In your many years, you have become skilled with both the bow and the blade. In addition, you know how to move across the land in silence and unseen, allowing you to take your foes by surprise."