Quest:Raid: Tyrant Durgrat

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Raid: Tyrant Durgrat
Level 150
Type Raid
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Sergeant-at-Arms Thurimbent
Starts at Glân Vraig
Start Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [20.8S, 13.7W]
Ends with Sergeant-at-Arms Thurimbent
Ends at Glân Vraig
End Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [20.8S, 13.7W]
Quest Group Ettenmoors Freep
Quest Chain Glân Vraig
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We face an organized tribe of Orcs here, <class>. We will need the assistance of all capable peoples to defeat these foes.

'Scouts, reporting from the deepest part of the front, have discovered that the leader of this war-host resides at Dâr-gazag, an encampment built on the ruins of an ancient Rhudauran fortress, far to the west of Ost Ringdyr.

'I am authorized to present you with much acclaim if you assist in defeating this warmaster. Be cautious, as the enemy is as strong as this fortress. You will need a great number to overwhelm their forces and defeat the War-tyrant, Durgrat.'


A great leader of the Ongbúrz, Tyrant Durgrat, is holed up in Dâr-gazag, far to the west.

Objective 1

Dâr-gazag, built on the ruins of a Rhudauran citadel, lay far to the west of Ost Ringdyr, across the Hoardale River. Make your way to the fortress and defeat War-master Durgrat at this location.

Sergeant-at-Arms Thurimbent at Glân Vraig directed you to kill the Uruk warmaster Durgrat at Dâr-gazag.

Sergeant-at-Arms Thurimbent: 'You will find the War-tyrant in the upper reaches of Dâr-gazag. Make your way there and defeat him and his war-host. Return here when the deed is done.'

Objective 2

Sergeant-at-Arms Thurimbent awaits your return at Glân Vraig.

Facing down the Enemy, you destroyed the War-master at Dâr-gazag. You should return to Sergeant-at-Arms Thurimbent with the news.

Sergeant-at-Arms Thurimbent: 'Durgrat's defeat is a great one, but he will return. His forces will not allow his defeat to influence them for long.
'We have earned a brief respite from their assaults thanks to you, <name>, but we must not rest on these successes.'