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Region: Ettenmoors
Area: Steps of Gram
Location: [12.5S, 20.9W]


Gramsfoot is a settlement located within the area of the Steps of Gram in Ettenmoors It lies in the north-eastern corner of the region. [12.5S, 20.9W]

Located in a secluded pocket within Mount Gram, to the far northwest of the Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot is a starting location for Monster Play Character in this region. It is also a primary stronghold for the Creeps and it that cannot be attacked by the Freeps. Furthermore, its gate prevents any non-Monster Player from entering it.


Mount Gram, nestled at the northwestern edge of the Ettenmoors in the Misty Mountains, has long been an abode of goblins, though their greatest king, Golfimbul, was defeated and slain by Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took at the Battle of the Greenfields hundreds of years ago. Lying at the border of Angmar, Mount Gram has again become a fortress-kingdom of terrible power. Orcs, wargs, goblins, trolls, and other evil creatures now muster there to begin an invasion of Eriador.
The fortress of Gramsfoot is a heavily guarded stronghold at the base of Mount Gram, nearly invulnerable to attack. As the army of Angmar presses southward under the command of War-tyrant Akúlhun, it is here that the power of Angmar can be felt the strongest in the Ettenmoors. Cruel Akúlhun is prepared to sweep through the Ettenmoors and Trollshaws and raze Rivendell to the ground . . . if he can defy the Power that resides in the Hidden Valley. - [1]


The following services can be found in Gramsfoot:

The following NPCs provide services.

NPC Title
Ongbúrz Defiler Breaker of Oaths
Sovairlë Tribal Scrivener


The following NPCs sell goods.

Vendor Title
Haz Defensive Potions Trader
Nâdar Potions Trader
Rulum Special Items Trader
Shakh Food Trader
Tarkripper Quartermaster Quartermaster

Monster Player Trainers

Skills and traits can be bought for Commendations at the following NPCs.

Trainer Title
Dagalur Monster Player Trainer
Gruglok Monster Player Trainer
Lingemil Monster Player Trainer

Corruptors of Gramsfoot

Skills and traits can be slotted for a small price at the following NPCs.

NPC Title
Ashrokil Corruptor of Gramsfoot
Zagfra Corruptor of Gramsfoot
Lenathron Corruptor of Gramsfoot

Corruption Traders

Skills, traits and appearances can be bartered for  Sigils of Battle and  Greater Sigils of Battle at the following NPCs.

Trader Title
Falgashud Orc Corruption Trader
Pâshnar Warg Corruption Trader
Saethoniel Spider Corruption Trader
Tûzantar Uruk Corruption Trader

Tribal Blessings

The following NPCs can bestow tribal Blessings upon monster player characters. Only one blessing can be active at a time.

Trader Title
Malavin Blessings introduction
Darhut Ongbúrz emissary
Grathún Blogmal emissary
Fathrug Tarkríp emissary
Nakargar Scara-clan emissary
Sárkafsog Shelob's Brood emissary
Ufdragh White Hand emissary
Ushgrát Krahjarn emissary

Mithril Vendors

Skills and traits can be bartered for  Mithril Coins at the following NPCs.

Vendor Classes
Durglob Reaver, Defiler, Warleader, Blackarrow
Hoitgoth Warg
Nathrog Weaver

Starting Quests

The Camp at Gramsfoot

General Quests:

Quest giver Title
Soldier Búzog
Soldier Graus
Taskmaster Forzunk
Uglash Ongbúrz Taskmaster
War-tyrant Akúlhun

Troll Session Play Quests:

Quest giver Title
Taskmaster Dromdas
Taskmaster Sharkúlob

Raid Quests:

Quest giver Captain-General to kill
Soldier Bagfra Bordagor at Grimwood
Soldier Dahámab Verdantine at Tirith Rhaw
Soldier Dalgumthak Meldún at Isendeep Mine
Soldier Súmtharb Harvestgain at Lugazag
Taskmaster Krul Lainedhel at Ost Ringdyr
Taskmaster Kúf Mákan at Tol Ascarnen


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this place: