Creep Quests

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Creep Topics: Classes, Blessings, Skins, Quests, Titles, Troll Sessions
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Creeps can complete quests in the Ettenmoors and in the Sundering of Osgiliath.

Ettenmoors Quests

Introduction Quests (not repeatable)

  1. [150] Tutorial: Out of Angmar
  2. [150] Tutorial: Allegiance and Blessing
  3. [150] Tutorial: Choose Clan Blessing
  4. [150] Tutorial: Power of Corruption
  5. [150] Tutorial: Corruptions, Skills, and Vendors
  6. [150] Tutorial: The Keep at Dâr-Gazag
  7. [150] Tutorial: Killing in the name of...
  8. [150] Tutorial: Know your role!

First Discovery Quests (not repeatable)

Battle Tasks


Gramsfoot Quests (always available, repeatable daily)

Dâr-gazag Quests (always available, repeatable daily)

Grothum Quests (always available, repeatable daily)

Tirith Rhaw Quests (available when Tirith Rhaw is held by the Creeps, repeatable daily

Tol Ascarnen Quests (available when Tol Ascarnen is held by the Creeps, repeatable daily

Lugazag Quests (available when Lugazag is held by the Creeps, repeatable daily)

Grimwood Lumber Camp Quests (available when the Grimwood Lumber Camp is held by the Creeps, repeatable daily)

Isendeep Mine Quests (always available, repeatable daily)

The Sundering of Osgiliath Quests

Court of Isildur


Shrak Mauruk