Quest:Our Friends in Hoarhallow

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Our Friends in Hoarhallow
Level 150
Type Solo
Repeatable no
Starts with Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn
Starts at Glân Vraig
Start Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [21.0S, 13.5W]
Ends with Mayor Wat Mudbottom
Ends at Hoarhallow
End Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [20.0S, 10.0W]
Quest Group Ettenmoors Freep
Quest Chain Ettenmoors Introduction
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Lainedhel discovered the Little Folk while he was scouting the wilderness here in the north. He blames himself for Angmar discovering their location as they seem to have lived here for generations beneath everyone's notice, even the trolls.

'Since his discovery, the Uruk-warleaders have ordered continuous assaults against the village, and the hobbits there, resilient and proud, have taken up arms to defend their homes. Mayor Wat Mudbottom leads them and has asked for little help. He sent a single emissary, Pip Diggins, to Ost Ringdyr to entreat with Lainedhel and has received weapons and arms from us in return for food that he and his people grow and hunt.

'Please, if you can, visit Mayor Wat Mudbottom and assist him however you may.'


Ascwyn mentioned that Hoarhallow is besieged by the forces of Angmar and that the hobbits can use any help you could offer.

Objective 1

Mayor Wat Mudbottom is at Hoarhallow far to the west of Glán Vraig, through the Grimwood Forest, on the banks of the Hoarwell River. Beset by the Enemy, the Hobbits of Hoarhallow are a hardy and proud people. Their Mayor, Wat Mudbottom, leads them and refuses to give up the land they own to the forces of Angmar. Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn directed you to speak with Wat Mudbottom.

Mayor Wat Mudbottom: 'Merry me! Did the folk over in that Elf-home send you? Good people they are, always trying to be helpful, keeping close watch over our hovels.
'We are struggling, there can be no doubt of that, ever since the arrival of these beasts. Most are smarter than a troll, and though wolves have always been a bother, the wolves that have come now are much more frightening. We're concerned with the spiders too, but only because their webs are awfully hard to pull from the hair on our feet.
'No doubt you have come to help, and we are grateful, truly we are. Emerald, along the road to the south and east, might need some help, if you ask her. Ned over at the store-house, just over this rise behind me and down to the water's edge, can always use a hand. And at the crest of the hill, north a bit, you will find Marigold. See if they might need anything, would you?'