Quest:Tutorial: Allegiance and Blessing

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Tutorial: Allegiance and Blessing
Faction Creep
Level 150
Type Solo
Starts at Gramsfoot
Starts with War-tyrant Akúlhun
[12.2S, 20.9W]
Ends at Gramsfoot
Ends with Malavin
[11.9S, 20.6W]
Money Reward 20 Silver 14 Copper 
Rank change Increased Infamy (20)
Repeatable no
Quest Chain Creep Introduction
Previous Quest Tutorial: Out of Angmar
Next Quest Tutorial: Choose Clan Blessing
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Listen here. A sorceress come from the north to tell me how the fight goes. Oh, she has the ear of the steward, but the arms are here, in the Ettenmoors. We've been fighting while they've been locked away in castles and steel barricades. What do they know about battling these people?'

It is a question expecting no answer.

'Bah... leadership back in Carn Dûm is looking for a new way to off these pesky Free Folk. So we got some new tricks available, meat. Each clan, and even the dirty dogs and sticky little spiders got their own emissaries here to help you new gits out. Oh and those southron Uruks too... talk to one of them and they'll give you a taste of what the leaders are thinking... don't get used to it though, maggot. These truces can only last so long....

'But first, they want me to send every maggot with snot dripping on their face up the hill to talk with her. Well... so be it. Better you go talk to her than me. She calls herself Malavin.'

There is a short pause.

'If you get a chance, accidentally spit on her for me, would you?'


The War-tyrant seems displeased that emissaries from Carn Dûm arrived and made their way into the war tent. His demeanour is more grim than usual, and he has instructed you to make your way to the Angmarim sorceress who now resides in the tent at the within the confines of Gramsfoot.

Objective 1

War-tyrant Akúlhun directed you to the war tent to speak with an Angmarim sorceress there named Malavin. Apparently she is here to assist, inspect, or guide the war effort. Whatever her purpose, it does not sit well with the War-tyrant.

Fathrug, Tarkríp Emissary: 'Orders is is orders. You need to talk to the Priestess first.'
Darhut, Ongburz Emissary: 'Talk with the skinny witch, then you can talk to me.'
Grathún, Blogmal Emissary: 'Abide by the council's will and speak with Malavin.'
Sárkafsog: 'Seek she who speaks for the lord of Carn Dûm. Our brood will wait our turn.'
Ufdrágh, White Hand Emissary: 'Sharkey's orders are clear, we let the woman speak... for now.'
Ushgrat, Krahjarn Emissary: 'Far be it from the Krahjarn to deny protocol. What, you think we're all war hungry tyrants like Akúlhun?'
He smirks.
'We are... some of us just hide it better. Talk with Malavin. That is the command. We will abide.'
Nakargar: 'The pack is eager to hunt. The human is a barrier to our victory. Speak with her quick and then return to me.'
Malavin: 'Another veteran of the way? Or are you a new recruit. Honestly, I cannot tell the difference between a seasoned warrior and a whelp fresh from the pens or egg. I do, however know a thing or two about obedience and seeing that orders are carried out.'
She smirks wryly.
'Mordírith is displeased with the efforts here and organized an effort to entice you... warriors... with gifts. Each of the Orc clans, the Scara-pack, and Brood of Shelob send emissaries to entreat. He even allowed the White Hand at this table. Perhaps, in time there will be more. For now, it is these few.'
She pauses a moment to look you over.
'It appears that the steward of Carn Dûm is correct in his assessment. You are all in dire need of help. I invite you then to speak with the emissaries here in Gramsfoot. Learn what they offer you and choose their blessing. Each has been ordered, for now, to entreat with all of you. Provide for your until the council of our lord is complete.
'Run along now and learn from each of the emissaries here and then return to me.'
You have spoken with Malavin

Objective 2

  • Speak with the emissaries

Malavin instructed you to speak to each of the emissaries representing the clans of Carn Dûm and beyond. They have blessings that they will seek to bestow upon you, provided you will serve in their name.

Malavin: 'Off with you until you have spoken to each of the emissaries. Return to me when you are done. I shall instruct your further.'
Sárkafsog: 'She is born of the first enemy of Elves. She feeds her brood well and gives them all they need to spread the faith of the Dark Lord. Gifts that sting deeply, secretly, and brutally. Her poison courses to seep into the flesh and twist it to the darkness where she dwells.'
The queen chitters.
'She burns the victims from within, so they sting, sting, sting, longer and more painfully. She is the corruption that seeds the earth with malicious intent. She is mother to her brood. Join with her and earn the gift to inflict suffering most profound.'
Spoke with the Shelob's brood emissary
Darhut: 'You look soft, maggot. I should know; the Ongbúrz are the heartiest clan in all of Angmar. We are not afraid of battle. We thrive in it. We revel in the clash of hammers, axes, and all the tools those bearded bastards bring against us. We know little fear. Our prowess is in our staying power.
'If you want to swing your blade wildly without thought about tomorrow, go talk with the Tarkríp or the dogs. If you want to stand tall above all the others, then take our blessing into battle. Toughness like ours should never be underestimated.'
Spoke with the Ongbúrz emissary
Fathrug: 'I am Fathrug and you look like you are ready to tear the flesh off a man. That is all we ask. Flay the Men. Leave their carcasses littering the earth to turn the grass bloody. The Tarkríp clan will strengthen your skills, help you stay in the fight longer. You'll be rather brutal about your business of hacking and rending the enemy and while we won't teach you how to dodge a really nasty sword blow, we'll teach you how to shrug it off and keep going.
'The Tarkríp clan prizes scrappy warriors above all else. Willing to strike at the enemy relentlessly!'
Spoke with the Tarkríp emissary
Ushgrát: 'The Krahjarn are born to lead. We remember the wars against the first. We recall the first lash against our backs and how to revisit that on our lessers. We know what it means to lead. To oversee the battle. To watch the flow of a fight. When to inspire and when to instill fear.
He snarks.
'We know what makes a maggot a maggot and how to make a whelp a warrior. Stand alongside us, whelp, and we'll make you a warrior yet.'
Spoke with the Krahjarn emissary
Grathún: 'Come closer. Smell that? Mushrooms. Slime. Herbs. Poultices. The trappings of a healer. Oh yes, the other clans will tell you that they are the most stalwart, or furios, or violent, or sinister, but we are the force that keeps them standing. We are the strength behind them all.'
He chuckles.
'Half the pain that they don't feel is because of our stinking sludges and fungal brews. We know how to pound a spike into a missing arm if things go terribly ill, too. Sometimes the victim even survives long enough to make it more permanent.
'The others will tell you tales. But, it is we that let them keep tongues wagging. Without us, they'd all be face down in the dirt. Stand with us. Stand with the Blogmal Clan.'
Spoke with the Blogmal emissary
Nakargar: 'The Scara know the hunt. The strength of sudden strike. The panic you instill from the shadow and tastiest, easiest places to tear flesh from bone. We teach the pack the way and it is for the warg or any to do the rest.
'He shakes his fur.
'We heed only brutality and cruelty to bring down our targets quickly and as painfully as possible. Our pack can teach you. But you must do the rest. We waste time by standing still. Choose us and run free.'
Spoke with the Scara-pack emissary
Ufdragh: 'Sharkey orders us north to help fight. So we come. We see why these clans fail. Too unbalanced. To dedicated to destruction, or defence. Too dedicated to mysticism or the darkness.'
He shakes his head.
'No temperance leads to a quick end. Learning the field of battle. Discerning the weaknesses and strengths of your enemy provides a clearer path to victory. It is an even path we walk. It is the teaching of our master that we prize. The method to strike hard. The method to stand tall. The method to withstand a strike and turn a blade.
'I would lead the White Hand against any of these other clans and leave them in shambles. Join us and you will see what I mean.'
Spoke with the White Hand emissary

Objective 3

  • Talk to Malavin

Having spoken to all the emissaries it is time to return to Malavin for further instruction.

Malavin: 'Well done, I am amazed you had the attention span necessary to speak with them all. There may be hope for you yet. Now to the matter at hand. Choose. Choose a clan to represent while your fight for Angmar.
'All will welcome you. Freely shirk your allegiance like you have done your duty for so long. Drink of their blessing until you find a home that is welcoming to you. They are ordered to show no malice toward each other for now. This truce may not hold forever.
'Mordirith wants to see these Free Folk brought low. So the clans were convened to find the strongest among you and them to determine the best way to eliminate the forces here. Align yourself. That is all you need do.'
She smiles deviously.
'And when you tire of their boon. Simply visit another to take their blessing in the first's stead. For the moment, it is simple. It shall not be forever. So do your best to prove to the master what clans should remain here in the Ettenmoors fighting and slaughtering the Free Folk.'