Quest:Blogmal Blessings

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Blogmal Blessings
Faction Creep
Level 150
Type Solo
Starts at Gramsfoot
[11.9S, 20.7W]
Starts with Grathún
Repeatable yes
Quest Chain Gramsfoot Blessings
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Why serve when you can collect debts? You will keep them upright and they will honour you for your efforts. Steel your nerve with the potent brew and serve our clan so that you may continue to serve.'


The Blogmal clan are healers, understanding the way of fungus and poultices that close wounds. They also know the power of words inspirational and terrifying. Service to their clan is a boon to healers more than any other.

Objective 1

You may seek the blessing of the Blogmal clan. All you need to do is renounce all other clans.

Grathún: 'There is no need of that lesser gift. Let us be rid of it.
'Know the way of fungus and of the fury that dwells in words. Of the fear that the words can inspire and the strength of insects in the eyes and ears of your enemy. Learn of the Blogmal. Serve the Blogmal.'