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Blessings are a form of tribal buffs for Monster Play that can be applied to Creep characters. There are currently seven tribes that can be joined to gain the corresponding blessing. Only one blessing can be active at any given time.

Acquiring Blessings

In order to gain access to Blessings, there are three introductory quests that need to be completed first. They are located at Gramsfoot, accessible right after character creation:

  1. [150] Tutorial: Out of Angmar
  2. [150] Tutorial: Allegiance and Blessing
  3. [150] Tutorial: Choose Clan Blessing

Malavin, the sorceress in the large tent in the northern part of Gramsfoot, will direct players to the emissaries of the seven clans, who are all found within the same tent. They offer quests that can be completed by speaking to them again and that have no cooldown. Thus, the active blessing can be switched at any time.

Blessings Overview

Tribe Emissary Blessing Focus Quest
Ongbúrz Darhut  Blessing of the Ongbúrz Bruiser [150] Ongbúrz Blessings
Tarkríp Fathrug  Blessing of the Tarkríp Scrapper [150] Tarkríp Blessings
Blogmal Grathún  Blessing of the Blogmal Healer [150] Blogmal Blessings
Krahjarn Ushgrát  Blessing of the Krahjarn Distance [150] Blogmal Blessings
White Hand Ufdragh  Blessing of the White Hand Balanced [150] White Hand Blessings
Scara-pack Nakargar  Blessing of the Scara-pack Ambusher [150] Scara-pack Blessings
Shelob's Brood Sárkafsog  Blessing of Shelob's Brood Corrupter [150] Shelob's Brood Blessings