Quest:Defence of Tirith Rhaw

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Defence of Tirith Rhaw
Level 150
Type Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Sergeant-at-Arms Mibrethil
Starts at Tirith Rhaw
Start Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [17.7S, 14.3W]
Ends with Sergeant-at-Arms Mibrethil
Captain-General Tordúr
Ends at Tirith Rhaw
Quest Group Ettenmoors Freep
Quest Chain Tírith Rhaw Freep
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We must prepare for the inevitable attack, <name>. It is unlikely that there will be a long peace. We must make ready the walls and steel ourselves for the next assault. Stand fast, and we shall persevere.

'If you are willing to stand with us, slaughter the foe as they crash against the walls of Tirith Rhaw, and when this is done, I shall see you rewarded. If I fall in battle, scouts will inform Captain-General Tordur of your bravery, and you may claim your reward from him.

'What say you?'


Tirith Rhaw, the tower on the eastern-most edge of the Ettenmoors, is a stronghold for the Free Peoples. Angmar's army is well aware of this and often organize raids to overrun the location to provide themselves a strong foothold in the east.

Objective 1

Defeat the foes from Angmar within the Area of Tirith Rhaw.

Sergeant-at-Arms Mibrethil wants to ensure that the Free Peoples are prepared for the onslaught that will ensue at the walls of Tirith Rhaw and enlisted your help in driving the foe from the field. Stay within the immediate area of the tower and stand against the foe. If Mibrethil or Tirith Rhaw falls, report to Captain-General Tordur at Glân Vraig.

Objective 2

Report to Sergeant-at-Arms Mibrethil at Tírith Rhaw if he stands and you control the location. If he has fallen or the enemy claimed the keep, return to Glân Vraig and speak with Captain-General Tordúr.

The battle at Tírith Rhaw earned you victory over your foes.

Sergeant-at-Arms Mibrethil: 'Your efforts in defending the tower are well-known. We are pleased to offer you this reward. It is not much, but the rewards that you shall claim are taken from those who fall in these accursed lands.
'You are most welcome in the company of the Free Peoples, <name>.'
Captain-General Tordúr: 'My scouts have indeed informed me of your efforts at Tírith Rhaw. You are most welcome here in the Ettenmoors, <name>. Long have we waited for heroes willing to do all that you have done.
'We are indebted to you, please take this small reward and know that we strive to find more to offer those who serve the Free Peoples.'