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The Lone-lands are located between Bree-land and the Trollshaws, along the Great East Road. In ancient times, this was part of the Kingdom of Rhudaur, but today the Lone-lands are little more than a savage wilderness. Recently, hordes of goblins, half-orcs, orcs, crebain and wargs have overrun the land, in service to the White Hand and Angmar.

The most regal and prominent feature of the Lone-lands rises above the road like a symbol of the land’s sad legacy: Weathertop. Once known as Amon Sûl, it was a proud tower of vision and vigilance and the home of the strongest palantír of the north. However, it fell in battle to the Witch-king of Angmar, and has sat derelict in the wild since then. Today, countless orcs prowl through the place’s rubble, and the few Rangers who defend it cannot often deter them.

While the Lone-lands has no capital town, a strong remnant of the Eglain have made the ruined fortress of Ost Guruth a settlement with many excellent services. Bordering Bree-land, the Forsaken Inn provides visitors with some services ... and its notorious, inedible food. Furthest to the east, the Last Bridge still spans the river Mitheithel.


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First of all it should be noted that the extent of the Lone-lands is debated. Probably the name once was synonymous with Eriador. However, today we know the Lone-lands as Hobbits and Bree-men knew it: the wilderness east of Bree, something inconvenient that lines the Great East Road. This section discusses the more narrow scope.

While the Lone-lands as such is little told of in Tolkien's works (it was not mentioned at all until later editions of The Hobbit and not at all in The Lord of the Rings) three of its locations are mentioned: the Forsaken Inn, Weathertop, and the Last Bridge. The history of Weathertop reveals much about the history of the Lone-lands: Elendil built the "Tower of Amon Sûl" in II 3320, when the North-kingdom of Arnor was young. It housed the chief palantír that was used to communicate across the vast kingdom. In III 861, when Arnor broke apart, Arthedain claimed possession of the Tower and the palantír, but from then on the three Arnorian parts disagreed on its future. Facing many threats, Weathertop was overthrown by Angmar in III 1409 and was destroyed and burnt to ashes; however, the witch-king failed to lay hands on the palantír (though it was later lost at sea).

The Great East Road runs through the Lone-lands like an artery, and it has served more than one ancient kingdom as highway and borderline. Thousands of years ago, it connected the Dúnedain kingdom of Arnor –sister kingdom of Gondor– to Rivendell, the Misty Mountains, and lands east. Throughout its lifetime, its travellers have added wealth to residents along the Road who provided services of all sorts.


The Forsaken Inn


Notable Locations

Quest-givers but limited or no services

Points of Interest

Locations mentioned in Tolkien's works (from west to east):



The Last Bridge
Nain Enidh
Ost Guruth



Garth Agarwen


  • Quests: mainly 27 - 30


Minas Eriol

Nain Enidh

Talath Gaun

The Weather Hills

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The Weather Hills

Craft-fairs: Ost Guruth

Resource Tiers

Named Creatures Shard Collectors List

Each of these creatures is the rare, signature, tougher, named version and all have a high chance to drop a rare shard used in crafting.


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