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The Créoth are an enemy tribe of Hill-men living in, and immediately around, Garth Agarwen - the stronghold of Naruhel, the Red-maid - in the Lone-lands.

During the early part of the Third Age, the on going battles over control of Amon Sûl and the Weather Hills soaked the land in blood which poisoned the waters of the Lone-lands and eventually tainted the River-maiden Naruhel, changing her into the Red-maid. Unwittingly having created the Red-maid, the Créoth swore allegiance to her, and have provided her with unstinting service ever since. Including feeding her terrible hunger for blood, whether by sacrifice or war, perpetuating her corrupted existence.

Towns and Strongholds

  • Garth Agarwen - This is the only known settlement of the Créoth within the Lone-lands.
  • A distance to the west from the Outer Gates, which has a friendly camp.


The Créoth are sworn to the service of the Red-maid. She, in turn, is an ally of Angmar and it's representative, Ivar the Blood-hand.




Elite Master


  • The Free Peoples and anyone opposed to the Red-maid and her service to Angmar.


  • Angmar - The Iron Crown of Angmar, and its allies, are affiliated with Naruhel and the Créoth.