Ost Laden

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Ost Laden
Type: Fortress
Region: Lone-lands
Area: Minas Eriol
Location: [34.5S, 37.5W]

Ost Laden is a landmark within Minas Eriol, in the Lone-lands. [34.5S, 37.5W]

These ruins are located in the north-eastern corner of Minas Eriol, just west of the Eglain Camp. These days overrun by goblins, and the ditches below is infested by fell spiders.

For many quests given in the Eglain Camp one must pass through Ost Laden with its signature strength goblins. Once through, a narrow bridge runs straight south towards the goblin stronghold, and a larger bridge runs south-west to a slope down to the spider ditches, except jumping for a broken leg of course.


Terrain Map of Minas Eriol



These deeds can be advanced by exploring Ost Laden:


These creatures are encountered within this location:


Once the primary keep of Minas Eriol, proud knights of the Kingdom of Arnor once issued forth from the gates of Ost Laden into the hills and plains below.
Now only Goblins jeer from the shattered parapets, keeping a dark watch upon those few brave enough to travel into the Lone-lands. — Deed