Nan Dhelu

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Nan Dhelu
Type: Fortress Ruins
Region: Lone-lands
Area: Haragmar
Location: [31.3S, 25.3W]

Nan Dhelu is a landmark within Haragmar, in the Lone-lands. [31.3S, 25.3W]

This old fortress is located north-east of Dol Vaeg and is climbing the side of a north-south mountain ridge south of Agamaur. From Nan Dhelu (Sindarin for Deadly Valley) dark beings give a meaning to its name when they terrorize whatever comes close, and deepening shadows complete the atmosphere. While those roaming Nan Dhelu may seem harmless they spawn more horrors, overwhelming and defeating incautious visitors.


Inner Nan Dhelu



These deeds can be advanced by exploring Nan Dhelu:


These creatures are encountered within this location:


Nan Dhelu was once a beautiful valley before the corruption of Agamaur flooded the land. Now it is home to vile creatures of Morgoth who live only to breed terror. — Deed