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Escrow for decorations and chests.

After a house has become condemned, any belongings left in that house go to a House Escrow account, which is accessible by speaking to an Escrow Broker.

An Escrow Broker stores any belongings left in an abandoned or foreclosed house (this may also happen if there is a technical change to the house type). When a house is foreclosed on for non payment, items that were in the house are moved into an escrow account that may be accessed via an Escrow Broker or a Vault-keeper. These items will remain in escrow indefinitely. When a house is abandoned by a player (via the House button in the Character panel), items in escrow are only available for the following 14 days. After the 14 days have expired, any item left in escrow will decay and no longer be accessible. Items bound to a character can only be accessed by its owner.