The Bird and Baby Inn

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Bird and Baby Inn
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Settlement: Michel Delving
Location: [33.4S, 75.3W]
The Bird and Baby Inn.jpg

The Bird and Baby Inn is a lively Tavern in Michel Delving in the Shire. [33.4S, 75.3W]

The inn is Michel Delving's major hub of social activity, and the largest tavern in the Shire. Weary travellers can indulge in food and drink, and share stories of adventures by the fire. The Bird and Baby also offers the services of a barber and healer. There is also a room reserved for Inn League members (only accessible to characters who have achieved friend status with the Inn League), where they barter for different faction items.


The Bird and Baby Inn Exterior
Sign of the Bird and Baby Inn
Name Function
HobbitM.png Carlo Blagrove Tavern-keep
HobbitM.png Estmar Bolger Hobby Master
HobbitF.png Gardenia Bracegirdle Healer
HobbitF.png Tulip Chubb Barber
HobbitM.png Alric Banks Inn League Taxidermist - Festival
HobbitM.png Frago Sandheaver Inn League Trader - Festival
HobbitM.png Ioco Underhill Inn League Member - Festival
HobbitF.png Ivy Tunnelly Inn League Barmaid - Festival
HobbitM.png Lorgo Boffin Bar hand
HobbitM.png Carlo Williams Author
HobbitM.png Jack Lewisdown Author
HobbitM.png Owen Farfield Author
Rabbit.png Rabbit Rodent
HobbitF.png Esmerelda Burrows Quest
Hobbit.png Townsperson


Fireplace & Barber

Festival quests:


Sign of the Eagle and Child Pub
Real Life Inspiration
The Bird and Baby Inn did not appear in the trilogy of Tolkien. The inclusion of a tavern named "Bird and Baby" is a reference to the real-world tavern "Eagle and Child" in Oxford, England, which was frequented by the members of The Inklings literary discussion group which included J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien, and other well-known professors and authors.
Students of Oxford University who frequent the "Eagle and Child" often refer to the tavern as the "Bird and Baby" (among other colorful names).
From 1939 to 1962, the Inklings members regularly met in a back room of the pub which is now known as the Rabbit Room. Several members of the Inklings are represented in the game: C.S. "Jack" Lewis (NPC Jack Lewisdown), Owen Barfield (NPC Owen Farfield), Charles Williams (NPC Carlo Williams), and a Rabbit. These NPCs refer to a fellow member of the Writing Club named Ronald Dwale, which is a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien.

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