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Level: 1
Region: The Shire

Type: Normal
Genus: Beast
Species: Critter

Morale: 1
Power: 1
Advanced Stats


Rabbits are found wandering in many areas of Middle-earth. They are mostly harmless critters that scurry away to safety as they are approached.

An indoor, intellectually inclined Rabbit, is found at the Bird and Baby Inn in Michel Delving, musing itself with the "Inklings members" in the back room.

Odd sightings have been reported in Wildermore and the Great River. Rabbits have been spied in several places siting on a bear skin. The reason for this is as yet unknown. Some think there is a kind soul placing the bearskins around to provide a warm and snugly place for the rabbit to live. Others think the rabbits acquired the bear skins directly from the bears themselves.

Other places these critters have been sighted include the Vales of Anduin.

A Hidden Burrow full of rabbits is found in the Wailing Hills in the Great River.

Warning: Killer Rabbits have been found in numerous locations throughout Middle-earth!