Quest Levels

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Note that "Group size" is only a rough guide to the quests in the area. Blank entries imply that the majority of the quests are soloable. Many Epic Quests are created for Small or normal Fellowships but are redesigned to be solo-able while using a booster item which provides sufficient power to complete the quest, though challenging.

Beginning with the starter areas many regions now read their quest levels at their individual pages, specified also per area (work in progress from level 40 and up).

For a summary per region, see Regional Quests; that page also links to detailed summaries per area for each region.

Levels 1-6

Quests for these levels are the Introduction Quests, appropriate to your race.

Levels 5-15

Each race has a specific starting area, but you may decide for whichever area and easily travel there via Swift Travel for 1 Silver  at a Stable-master.

These areas include the Epic Introduction Quests and Prologue Quests.

Levels 12-20

Levels Region Areas & Locations Group size
12-16 Bree-land Buckland, Old Forest, Souther Bree-fields, Barrow-downs
12-18 Bree-land Book 1
15-22 The Lone-lands Annunlos, Minas Eriol
15-20 The Lone-lands Weathertop, Ost Guruth Fellowship

Levels 20-25

Levels Region Areas & Locations Group size
21-25 The Lone-lands Nain Enidh
21-25 The North Downs Amon Raith, Trestlebridge
21-25 The North Downs Nan Wathren Fellowship
22-24 Bree-land The Great Barrow Fellowship

Levels 25-30

Levels Region Areas & Locations Group size
25-29 The North Downs Fields of Fornost, Kingsfell
26-29 The Lone-lands Book 2 Fellowship
27-29 Evendim Oatbarton
28-31 The North Downs Nan Amlug West
29-30 The North Downs Book 3
28-31 The Lone-lands Agamaur Fellowship

Levels 30-35

Levels Region Areas & Locations Group size
30-35 The North Downs Nan Amlug East
31-35 The North Downs Norbury/Fornost City Fellowship
31-35 The Lone-lands Garth Agarwen Fellowship
32 Evendim Dwaling, Barandalf
32-35 The North Downs Dol Dínen Fellowship
33-34 The Trollshaws South Trollshaws

Levels 35-40

Levels Region Areas & Locations Group size
35-36 The Trollshaws Bruinen Gorges
35-40 Evendim Tyrn Fornech, Lake Evendim, Emyn Uial
38-40 The Trollshaws Nan Tornaeth
36-41 The North Downs Fornost instance Fellowship
37-42 The Trollshaws Book 4

Levels 40-45

Levels Region Areas & Locations Group size
39-43 The Misty Mountains Central Misty Mountains
40-41 The Trollshaws North Trollshaws Fellowship
40-42 Angmar Eastern Ram Dúath
40-44 The Trollshaws Tâl Bruinen
43-44 Angmar Fasach Larran & Fasach-Falroid; West Malenhad
44-45 Forochel Taur Orthon, Itä-mâ
45 All over quests leading to the Helegrod raids
45 The Misty Mountains Book 5

Levels 45-50

Levels Region Areas & Locations Group size
45-48 The Misty Mountains High Pass
45-46 Angmar Book 6
45-50 Eregion Eregion
45-50 Forochel Forochel
46 Ered Luin Sarnúr, reputation quests from Thorin's Hall
46-48 Angmar Southeast Angmar
47-48 Angmar Imlad Balchorth
48-50 The Misty Mountains Goblin-town Small Fellowship
49-50 Angmar Himbar
49-50 Angmar Book 7
49-50 Angmar Urugarth, Carn Dum Fellowship

Level 50

Levels Region Areas & Locations Group size
50 Angmar Book 8 Fellowship
50 Angmar & Evendim Book 9 Solo only
50 Evendim Book 10 Small Fellowship
50 Evendim & The Trollshaws Book 11
50 Angmar Book 12 Fellowship
50 Forochel Book 13
50 Evendim Annúminas Small Fellowship
50 Angmar Barad Gúleran Fellowship
50 Evendim Annúminas (Glinghant, Haudh Valandil & Ost Elendil) Fellowship
50 Angmar The Rift Raid x12
50 The Misty Mountains Helegrod Raid x12 and Raid x24
50 Ettenmoors Ettenmoors Solo up to Raid x24

Level 50-85

Levels Region Areas & Locations Group size
48-50 Eregion Echad Dúnann Solo and 3 man
51-60 Mines of Moria Twenty-first hall Solo+
58-60 Lothlorien Caras Galadhon Solo
60-65 Mirkwood Ost Galadh, Dol Guldur Solo through Raid x12
60-65 Enedwaith Lhanuch, Harndirion Solo and Raid x12
66-75 Dunland Galtrev, Nan Curunír Solo through Raid x12
71-75 The Great River Stangard Solo and 3 man
75-85 East Rohan Harwick, Snowbourn Solo through Fellowship
85 Wildermore Forlaw Solo through Raid x12

Level 85-95

Levels Region Areas & Locations Group size
85-95 Kingstead Kingstead Solo
85-95 Eastfold Eastfold Solo
85-95 Broadacres Broadacres Solo
85-95 Stonedeans Stonedeans Solo
85-95 Westfold Westfold Solo
95 Entwood Entwood Solo
95 Westfold Epic Battles Solo through Raid x12

Class Quests

Class quests are given by Class Trainers at 15, 30 & 45 for 50.

Monster Play Quests

Monster play monster quests are available at any time from level 10. Monster quests are available from level 80.