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Each race has its own sequence of Epic - Prologue quests, which are part of the Epic Quest line. They follow on directly from each race's Epic - Intro quests and they eventually lead into the Book 1 quests.

Most, if not all, of these prologue quests can be done by any race.

The Before the Shadow - Prologue quests are not race specific and offer an alternative starting experience. These quests also include NPC phasing which requires the player to complete this prologue before they can begin Book 1 as noted below.

Next quest after the Shadows of Angmar Prologue: Foreword: An Unwanted Guest

Next quest after the Before the Shadows Prologue: Book 1, Chapter 1: In The Wizard's Employ

Shadows of Angmar

Dwarves and Stout-axes

The Dwarf prologue quests begin in Thorin's Gate within Ered Luin.

  1. [5] Prologue (Dwarf): At the Behest of Unnarr
  2. [6] Prologue (Dwarf): The Missing Guard
  3. [6] Prologue (Dwarf): Beyond the Cave-in
  4. [6] Prologue (Dwarf): Dwalin's Bad Day
  5. [8] Prologue (Dwarf): The Wisdom of the Thrushes
  6. [9] Prologue (Dwarf): The Old Dourhand City
  7. [9] Prologue (Dwarf): Gondamon in the Low-lands

Elves and High-elves

The Elf prologue quests begin in Celondim within Ered Luin.

  1. [5] Prologue (High Elf): A Sea Unsettled
  2. [5] Prologue (High Elf): Reflections of the Past

High Elf Prologue continues with the Elf Prologue:

  1. [5] Prologue (Elf): At the Behest of Cardavor
  2. [6] Prologue (Elf): Unlike Avorthal
  3. [6] Prologue (Elf): Avorthal's Favourite Haunts
  4. [7] Prologue (Elf): The Wrath of the Elves
  5. [9] Prologue (Elf): The Master of the Refuge
  6. [11] Prologue (Elf): The Emissary
  7. [11] Prologue (Elf): Suspicious Encampment
  8. [11] Prologue (Elf): Reluctant Allies

Dwarves, Stout-axes, Elves and High-elves United Path

This is the united quest chain for Dwarves and Elves after that they have completed their prologues, respectively.

  1. [11] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): Mutual Dislike
  2. [12] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): To Avert a War
  3. [12] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): Rescue by Moonlight
  4. [12] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): Preparations for the Assault
  5. [12] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): Assault on Rath Teraig
  6. [15] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): The One Called Strider

Continues with Foreword: An Unwanted Guest -- Vol. I, Book 1


The Hobbit prologue quests begin in Little Delving within The Shire.

Shire Epic Prologue

  1. [7] Prologue: Mundo's Complaint
  2. [8] Prologue: Flourdumpling's Stand
  3. [11] Prologue: Make Yourself Useful
  4. [11] Prologue: Pansy Tunnelly's Tale
  5. [12] Prologue: The Aid of Halros
  6. [12] Prologue: Goblin Foothold
  7. [12] Prologue: Troubles to Come
  8. [12] Prologue: The Quarry In Scary - Fellowship
  9. [12] Prologue: Bullroarer's Club
  10. [12] Prologue: Beneath the Greenfields
  11. [12] Prologue: The Shire Unprotected

Continues with Foreword: An Unwanted Guest -- Vol. I, Book 1

Men and Beornings

The Man and Beorning prologue quests begin in Archet within Bree-land.

  1. [5] Prologue: Burying the Dead
  2. [8] Prologue: An Urgent Summons
  3. [8] Prologue: Finding Amdir
  4. [10] Prologue: Cutleaf's Good Intentions
  5. [10] Prologue: Greater Responsibility
  6. [11] Prologue: A Critical Strike
  7. [12] Prologue: The Hideout
  8. [14] Prologue: Chasing Amdir
  9. [14] Prologue: To a Ranger's Aid

Continues with Foreword: An Unwanted Guest -- Vol. I, Book 1

Before the Shadow

Before the Shadow, Prologue

[1] Instance: Mossward the Border Village / Instance:Humble Beginnings
[1] A Larger World / A Larger World (River Hobbit)
[2] Prologue, Chapter 1: Something Different
[2] Prologue, Chapter 2: Skills of an Adventurer (All Classes)
[4] Prologue, Chapter 3: On the Old South Road
[6] Prologue, Chapter 4: A Hardy People
[7] Prologue, Chapter 5: Mark of the White Hand
[7] Prologue, Chapter 6:Worrisome Tidings

Next: Book 1, Chapter 1: In The Wizard's Employ -- Before the Shadow, Book 1