Keep of Annâk-khurfu

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Keep of Annâk-khurfu
Region: Elderslade
Area: Elderslade (Area)
Settlement: Annâk-khurfu
Location: [32.8N, 61.2W]

The Keep of Annâk-khurfu is a two-level dwarf-keep in Annâk-khurfu[32.8N, 61.2W], in Elderslade. The lower level contains services, and is a hub for Elderslade March on Gundabad quests. Its upper floor contains a "War Room", which serves as the main gathering place of the Gabil'akkâ, as they prepare their assault on Gundabad in the War of Three Peaks, and is a hub for The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves, War effort needs you and War of the Three Peaks quests. Many of the quests are Missions which can be commenced at lower levels, and there are dwarf recruiters at various places in middle earth who provide quick travel here to the War Effort Stable-master.

War Room

Keep of Annâk-khurfu (War Room).jpg

The War Room is the upper level of the Keep.


Destination Region Cost Prereqs
South Bree (Swift) Bree-land 1 Silver 
Celondim (Swift) Ered Luin 1 Silver 
Thorin's Gate (Swift) Ered Luin 1 Silver 
Michel Delving (Swift) The Shire 1 Silver 


War Room Quests

Starting: Glóin:



The following NPCs are present in the War Room.

Name Title
Dwarf.png Agnar Brokentooth
Dwarf.png Ausma Scout-master (Missions)
Dwarf.png Dréri
Dwarf.png Durin
Dwarf.png Elóf
Dwarf.png Eywind
Glóin.png Glóin Commander of the Longbeard Army
Dwarf.png Gunvald Izkhas
Dwarf.png Hlóthi
Dwarf.png Hórin Missions
Dwarf.png Lági Helmbiter
Dwarf.png Mézto
Dwarf.png Órug
Dwarf.png Reithvald Red-ember
Dwarf.png Slagvi
Dwarf.png Stálskeg Ironbeard
Dwarf.png Trausti

Lower Level

Keep of Annâk-khurfu (Lower Level).jpg


The following crafting facilities are found in the lower level of the Keep.


The following standard services are provided in the lower level of the Keep.

Elderslade Quests

Starting: Mother Amma:




The following NPCs are present in the lower level of the Keep.

Name Title
Dwarf.png Afwald
Dwarf.png Dwarf Scout
Dwarf.png Laugi Dwarf Scout
Dwarf.png Líkmund
Dwarf.png Lóssi Captain of the Guard
Dwarf.png Mother Amma
Dwarf.png Prince Ingór
Dwarf.png Stóthkell
Dwarf.png Thettmárr
Dwarf.png Thorgest