Tûr Ágal - Upper Chamber

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Tûr Ágal - Upper Chamber is the top of the Tûr Ágal tower at the centre of the Angmarim settlement of Caivád Sâr. The architecture of the tower is familiar from that found in Carn Dûm and other cities in Angmar. Before the War of Three Peaks begins, it is held by Angmarim who fled from Angmar after the fall of the Iron Crown, but afterwards they are joined by Dourhand dwarves led by Brathar Crack-helm.

There is no direct access from the lower part of the tower. Instead there is a walkway from the ridge above Caivád Sâr.


Tûr Ágal - Upper Chamber
Region: Elderslade
Area: Elderslade (Area)
Location: Caivád Sâr
Location: [38.1N, 64.7W]