Rathad Caul, the Narrow Way

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Rathad Caul, the Narrow Way
Type: Gate
Region: Elderslade
Area: Elderslade (Area)
Location: [44.3N, 64.0W]

Rathad Caul, the Narrow Way lies on the path north from Elderslade and guards the entry to Câr Bronach, the Sorrowglen, on the slopes of Mount Gundabad.

(Though the gate is technically in Elderslade, it's part of the Câr Bronach explorer deed The Last Frontier of Angmar.)




Between the lands of Elderslade and Câr Bronach lies a fortified passage known as Rathad Caul, the Narrow Way. Surrounded by sheer cliffs, Rathad Caul was long ago breached and abandoned after Angmar fought several bloody battles against the Zhélruka. As it was part of Angmar's vast border during the reign of the Witch-king, Rathad Caul also marks the westernmost point of Men Angrún, an ancient road spanning from Angmar to Rhûn which once issued out of Câr Bronach.