Council of the North

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Council of the North is a reputation faction located in Angmar.
A Council of several races who struggle to take the war into the heart of Angmar itself. They strike from the hidden refuge of Gath Forthnír in the far northern wastes of Angmar.

Location and Dramatis personæ

Gath Forthnír, a cave in northeastern Himbar, within Angmar.

Gaining Reputation


Talk to Arohir at Esteldín Central Courtyard:

Introduction Quest

Most quests located in:

List of Quests:

Reputation Items

Right-click the items in your inventory to increase reputation.

Item Drops from Reputation Gained
Bone Amulet-icon.png
Bone Amulet Angmarim, The Dead 30
Wicked Dagger-icon.png
Wicked Dagger Angmarim, Gertheryg, Merrevail 50
War Dispatch-icon.png
War Dispatch Angmarim, Gertheryg, The Dead 700

Mobs Defeated

Mob: Most all


Carn Dûm
Imlad Balchorth

Crafting Quests

Profession: Metalsmith
Talk to Hróar to purchase recipes

Item Usable at Metalsmith level required Reputation Gained
Crest of Vigilance-icon.png
Crest of Vigilance Neutral Artisan 60
Crest of Valour-icon.png
Crest of Valour Neutral Master 100
Icon of Heroes-icon.png
Icon of Heroes Neutral Master 700


Speak to Hafgrím, found in the center area of Gath Forthnír.





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