Quest:Instance: Thrymm's Farm

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Instance: Thrymm's Farm
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Oter
Starts at Thrymm's Farm
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [40.1S, 58.3W]
Ends with Laudh
Ends at Thrymm's Farm
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [40.1S, 58.3W]
Quest Group Wildermore: Fallows
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Thrymm's Farm
"Thrymm's Farm is on the verge of recovery, but their efforts may be for nothing should the Warg-riders return."


The Warg-riders at Edsig's Farm were disrupted by your efforts, and their organized raids on the farms should stop. The farmers should finally be able to repair Thrymm's Farm and begin work on the fields.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Oter
  • Do not let any farmers die

The rebuilding of Thrymm's Farm is underway. Oter has brought tools to the fields, and would like your help preparing the fields to produce crops for Forlaw.

Oter: 'A few of the tools you collected were in pretty good shape, and should help us prepare these fields. Torwulf and Siric took tools out the far field with them to egin working. Lets hurry over there to help them.'

Objective 2

  • Follow Oter to the western fields
  • Do not let any farmers die

Oter wants to see how the work on the western fields is coming along. You should follow him there.

Objective 3

  • Follow Oter to the western fields
  • Do not let any farmers die

The farmers were prepared to begin working the fields, but the enemy has begun a suprise attack on Thrymm's Farm.

The farm is under attack by warg-riders!

Objective 4

  • Follow Oter to the centre of Thrymm's Farm
  • Do not let any farmers die

The farmers are gathering near the barn, and are concerned that Rangold may not be safe. He was on the far side of the farm when the western side was attacked.

Oter says, "Run toward the barn! We will gather and fight there!"
Oter says, "There are too many, and they are setting our farm on fire!"
Oter says, "I hope my brother is alright!"
Oter says, "Ragnold, come to us!"
Oter says, "We need to stick together!"
Ragnold says, "Warg-riders are coming up the road from the south!"

Objective 5

  • Talk to Oter
  • Do not let any farmers die

The enemy is attacking from the south and are trying to trap you and the farmers on Thrymm's Farm while they burn it down.

Oter: 'We are in trouble. They have us surrounded! The only way we can survive is to fight. There is no way we can escape this time...'

Objective 6

  • Defend Thrymm's Farm from the final assault
  • Do not let any farmers die

Oter and the others have been cornered near the barn. The enemy is buring the farm to the ground. The chances of the farmers escaping and making a run for Forlaw are slim.

Objective 7

  • Observe what Laudh has to say
  • Do not let any farmers die

Laudh has sent the captain of this band of Warg-riders to attack you and the farmers. He seems intent on capturing the farmers for some nefarious purpose.

Laudh says, "You cannot escape. We have you surrounded."
Laudh says, "You fought bravely here, but you cannot hope to stop Núrzum."
Laudh says, "Núrzum is indestructable, and with his artifact, he will easily conquer Wildermore."
Laudh says, "These farmers evaded me, but will be my captives, now. Captain, kill this <race>."
Laudh says, "You are strong, but that captain can be replaced. It was a test, and he failed."
Laudh says, "Despite your "victory", these pesky farmers are mine. You will not stop me."
Laudh says, "Go tell that old man that more of his land has fallen. Or you can stay and burn with this farm."
Laudh says, "Either way, Wildermore will fall to Núrzum and his weapon."
Instance: Thrymm's Farm