Quest:Farms of the Fallows

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Farms of the Fallows
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Cyneberg
Starts at Thrymm's Home
Start Region Forlaw
Map Ref [39.4S, 60.6W]
Ends with Oter
Ends at Thrymm's Farm
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [40.1S, 58.3W]
Quest Group Wildermore: Fallows
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The farmlands were recently abandoned when Núrzum and the Orcs attacked Forlaw. Not everyone from the farms has made it back, and they could be in trouble. Forlaw is losing contact with so much of Wildermore these days.

'The nearest farm is Thrymm's, and is just southeast of Forlaw. That is where those working the fields are supposed to go if the outer farms run into trouble. Please, go and look for any survivors that are out there!'


The farms in the Fallows were abandoned when Núrzum attacked Forlaw, and it was deemed unsafe to be outside the city walls. Thrymm's Farm is the meeting place for anyone in the outlying farms who are escaping to the safety of Forlaw.

Objective 1

Thrymm's Farm is southeast of Forlaw. The road outside the east gate has a fork, and the southern path runs straight through this farm.

Objective 2

  • Find the survivors around Thrymm's Farm (0/3)

There are muffled calls for help from nearby. Search for those around the farm needing your help.

Torwulf: 'Thank you, kind <race>.'
You found and rescued Torwulf
Torwulf says, "I hope to see you near the main stables!"
Oter: 'Thank you for your help!'
You found and rescued Oter
Oter says, "The coast is clear! Meet me near the main stables."
Siric: 'I'm glad to see you!'
You found and rescued Siric
Siric says, "The coast is clear!"

Objective 3

  • Find Oter in the center of Thrymm's farm

You have found three survivors at Thrymm's farm. They await you at the center of the farm.

Oter: 'Thank you for rescuing us. The other two made it here from other farms, but I've been working this farm my entire life. They say other farms are complety destroyed! But the Warg-riders came here only to harass us, and probably would have killed us if you didn't come along when you did.
'We have much work to do here if we are to recover this farm and get these fields tended to again.'