Quest:A Friend of the Woods

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A Friend of the Woods
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Mossbeard
Starts at Balewood
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [34.0S, 71.8W]
Ends with Barallas
Ends at Stonecliff
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [30.2S, 70.9W]
Quest Group Wildermore: Balewood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Hom. If Barallas wishes me to return to the orhers, I shall... however, I will do it in my own time. Hoom. There are many things to tend to before I leave these trees, and many grim things that inhabit this forest... in the monster's wake. I wish to know more of the monster, and if I can... bring such knowledge to the others.

'Should you wish to aid me in these errands, I may be able to return to Barallas in some matter of time that you might think... hasty.

'As we travel, I shall speak with the trees of this wood, and try to discover what has become of those I have lost in this fog.

'If I am not paying attention at times, do not be alarmed... I am simply deep in conversation.

'Well, little one? Shall we set off?'


Mossbeard wishes to return to Barallas and the others, but seeks you aid in investigating the Balewood in an attempt to better understand the Orcs and Núrzum.

Objective 1

Mossbeard is standing at your side, or can be called with your whistle.

Mossbeard has requested your aid in expediting his journey through Balewood. If you aid in completing his tasks, he will be able to return to Barallas and the other Ents more swiftly.

Mosbeard comes to your aid

Objective 2

Mossbeard is at your side.

Mossbeard has requested your aid in exploring the Balewood before returning to Barallas.

Objective 3

Help Mossbeard discover what happened to the missing Huorn.

Objective 4

Mossbeard is at your side.

Mossbeard has communed with the trees and now wishes to tell you of the forest's past before relating the remainder of the story to his fellows.

Objective 5

Stonecliff is in northern Balewood.

You have learned much of these woods in your time with Mossbeard. You should now return to Barallas and the others at Stonecliff.

You have arrived at Stonecliff to find Barallas and the others waiting for your arrival

Objective 6

  • Talk to Mossbeard

Mossbeard is at your side.

You have returned to Stonecliff and should now speak to Mossbeard before he tells the rest of his tale to the Ents.

Mossbeard: 'A journey it has been, <name>. Barallas and the others have much to learn of the monster, as do you still.
'Hoom. Allow me to gather my thoughts for this trip has been far more eventful than most things in this Ent's lifetime.
'Barallas looks as if he wants to speak to you. You should see what he has to tell, and I shall begin to take root... here.'

Objective 6

Barallas can be found at Stonecliff in northern Balewood.

You have aided Mossbeard with all of his tasks. You should now return to Barallas at Stonecliff.

Barallas: 'Hoom. You have returned with Mossbeard... I knew you would not disappoint us, little one.
'I am joyful to look upon him again, but in his eyes I see great distress.
'Mossbeard wishes to speak with all of us, does he? Well then, let us hear your tale!'