Session Play

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Session Play is a game mechanic which allows you to play as a unique, temporary character.

During session play, you "are" that character with all its unique skills, strengths and abilities... from the ability to "find worms" as a chicken, to the experience of The One Ring, as Frodo.

Types of Sessions

Landscape Session Play

In the Wildermore, West Rohan, Central Gondor, Dead Marshes, Gundabad and Old Anórien regions, NPCs will sometimes describe events where the player was not present. This is done in form of Session Play.

Quest Name Character Told By Region
Remembering Thrymm Thrymm Redbeard Cyneberg Wildermore
The Day the Giant Came Gifemund Gifemund Wildermore
Núrzum's Wrath Núrzum Barallas Wildermore
The Legend of Folca Folca Meregyth Eastfold
Survivors From the Ford Elfhelm Elfhelm Westfold
Let's Take the Hornburg! White Hand Soldier Théoden Westfold
Passage of the Marshes Samwise Gamgee n/a The Dead Marshes
The Darkness Over Lebennin Daxamat Daxamat Lebennin
A Dream of Cold and Silence Meriadoc Brandybuck Meriadoc Brandybuck Old Anórien
A Secret Return Aragorn Mithrandir Old Anórien
The Battle Under the Trees Marchwarden of Lothlórien Thranduil Caras Galadhon
The Choices of Master Samwise Samwise Gamgee Legolas Cirith Ungol
The Divided Loyalties of Glúrkub the Goblin Glúrkub Glúrkub Máttugard

Critter play

  • Chicken Play -- Chicken Play allows you to experience the game from a very different perspective - that of a level 1 chicken; or to be precise, a rooster. Can be played repeatedly.
  • Discovering the Descendant -- A series of quests leading to a title and other rewards.

Ettenmoors Session Play

In the case of the Ettenmoors (PvMP), Session Play involves a cost of Commendations; but also has unique rewards.

  • Trolls (500 Commendations) -- Available to Creeps only
  • Rangers (500 Commendations) -- Available to Freeps only

Epic Session Play

In the Epic line, Session Play is used to allow the player to experience the world of Middle Earth as one of the principle members of the Fellowship, or to enhance the explanation of certain points in the history of Middle Earth.

The Chronicle of Events in Rivendel lists Epic Session Play quests which you have previously completed from Volumes I, II and III of the Epic. Each tale allows you to re-run one of these sessions. However, if you have not completed any of these quests, then the tome will not interact with you. Otherwise, the Chronicle will only display those Session Plays you have already completed.

It does not include the "Interludes" from volume III Book 10. They can be replayed from Gléowine's map.