Quest:Instance: Isolation Amongst Survivors

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Instance: Isolation Amongst Survivors
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Frithwyn
Starts at Steaping Cave
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [31.4S, 64.8W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: High Knolls
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Isolation Amongst Survivors
"Before you move on from the Steaping Cave, you would like to see the other women be more kind to Ránmald, who is in a fragile state."


Ránmald feels isolated from the other women, and you do not wish to leave her alone with them in her vulnerable condition.

Objective 1

You should speak with Ránmald.

Ránmald: 'They do not accept me. Do you see how they will not stand near me? Without Céolstan or the Thane nearby, they will be openly unfriendly.
'I have always been kind to them, <name>! I must get used to being alone, until the child comes.'
Ránmald is clearly isolated from the other women, a dangerous problem for a pregnant woman who must survive a harsh winter

Objective 2

You should speak with Céolflad.

Céolflad: 'Leave us be, meddler! Ye'd rather talk to the nobility than to us, anyhow, eh?'
Céolflad is indignant towards you for associating with Ránmald
Céolflad says, "Ye cannot make us like her, no matter how many furs ye pile on us."

Objective 3

  • Ask Edhild why the women do not like Ránmald

You should speak with Edhild.

Edhild: 'Don't ye involve me in it, stranger. I've no love for the girl either, even if the Thane wished things different.'
Edhild will not explain, despite the Thane's dying wish that Ránmald should be accepted
Edhild says, "The Thane's family pampered her enough. Now she must learn to fend for herself!"
Edhild says, "We Byre Tor women can handle ourselves! So must she."

Objective 4

  • Ask Frithwyn why she does not like Ránmald

You should speak with Frithwyn.

Frithwyn: 'She thinks she's better than us, that's why! Has ever since she came to our little town from the south, from some fancy city.'
Frithwyn resents that Ránmald is an outsider
Frithwyn says, "Strangers to Byre Tor think themselves better than us, but we always survive."

Objectivce 5

  • Roar at the unkind women

You should express your frustration and Roar at the women.

NOTE: This objective requires an emote.

The women are unconcerned by your frustration

Objective 6

  • Ask Ránmald is she will excuse you while you talk to the others

You should speak with Ránmald.

Ránmald:' 'You see? There is no hope to reconcile us!'
You ask Ránmald for a few moments to speak alone with the women outside.
'Yes, I will be fine by myself. Take as much time as you need.'
Meet the women of Byre Tor at Aldstan's grave
Ránmald says, "Take as much time as you need, my friend."

Objective 7

  • Speak with Edhild

You should speak with Edhild at Aldstan's grave.

Edhild says, "Hmf. Why did ye want to talk to us out here?"
Edhild: 'What now, hm? Are you telling us how we should grieve for our own Thane? Aldstan is our loss, not yours.'

Objective 8

  • Listen to Céolflad

Listen to Céolflad's speech.

Céolflad says, "I know why the outsider brought us here..."
Céolflad says, "Ye all heard Thane Aldstan's dying wish."
Céolflad says, "Mind ye, he died to protect us, the women of Byre Tor!"
Céolflad says, " matter what our petty squabbles be with that girl!"
Frithwyn says, "..."
Edhild says, "..."

Objective 9

  • Talk to Céolflad

Talk to Céolflad.

Céolflad: You ask Céolflad of what squabbles she speaks. What is the woman's problem with Ránmald?
'It is no longer my concern. Now leave me be, meddler. Ye have struck me hard with grief, bring me here to see my dear Thane in the ground.
'I'll be kind to the girl from now on. For him.'

Objective 10

  • Talk to Frithwyn at Céostan's grave

Talk to Frithwyn at Céolstan's grave.

Frithwyn: 'Why did ye have to bring me here, <name>? I did not want to see him like this, buried surrounded by wicked Orcs!
'This was a cruel trick. Ah! It is a stab of pain to see Céolstan this way!'

Objective 11

  • Listen to Frithwyn

You should listen to what Frithwyn has to say.

Frithwyn says, "It hurts, it hurts! I loved him so..."
Frithwyn says, '"We all loved him. And oh, how he flirted!"
Frithwyn says, "We all thought he would marry Edhild..."
Frithwyn says, "But then he met Ránmald far away, and brought her here, and his attentions stopped."
Frithwyn says, "It was clear to all of us how much he loved her..."
Frithwyn says, "...and we could not bear it! So we hated her."
Frithwyn says, "But... but ye have shown me now: those days are done."
Frithwyn says, "So much jealousy and spite...over a man who no longer lives."
Frithwyn says, "My spite is buried here! I will help his wife and his child."

Objective 12

  • Talk to Edhild at Céolstan's grave

Talk to Edhild at Céolstan's grave.

Edhild: 'You heard right, <name>. I thought Céostan would be mine forever, and he let me think so, until he brought Ránmald here.
'I'll never like her, no matter how hard ye try to stir pity in my heart. When I look at her...
'... I see that I was not good enough for him.'

Objective 13

  • See if Edhild needs comfort

Talk to Edhild again.

Edhild: 'I shall miss ye, Céolstan.'
Edhid bows her head, and when she looks up again, her eyes are sharp and clear.
I'll help Ránmald and see that the son of Céolstan, my future Thane, will survive this fell winter. I swear it on this grave.
'I've seen enough, ye troublesome meddler. Let us return to the Steaping Cave.
'I'll not give Ránmald any more trouble.'
Instance: Isolation Amongst Survivors