Quest:Instance: A Trail of Vengeance

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Instance: A Trail of Vengeance
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Cyneberg
Starts at Grimnesberg
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [31.2S, 62.4W]
Ends with Thrymm Red-beard
Ends at Thrymm's Cave
End Region Wildermore
Quest Group Wildermore: High Knolls
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

A Trail of Vengeance
"You and Cyneberg have come upon a trail of slaughtered Orcs, with no idea who may have killed them."


You appear to have come upon a trail of vengeance, left by a mysterious warrior whose deeds strongly resemble Thrymm's....

Objective 1

Cyneberg is in the northern High Knolls.

You should follow Cyneberg.

Cyneberg: 'Do we continue to follow this trail, or do we admit our defeat and return to Forlaw?'
You tell Cyneberg that you have a strange feeling about the trail of felled Orcs.
Cyneberg shrugs in reply.
'If you wish to live in denial of our doom a little longer, I am not one to criticize.'

Objective 2

  • Follow Cyneberg

Cyneberg is in the northern High Knolls.

You should follow Cyneberg.

Cyneberg says, "Come, then. Let us continue north-east!"
Cyneberg says, "I see no more Orcs from here. Which way now?"
Cyneberg says, "What was that noise? Draw your weapon!"
Cyneberg says, "Who goes there?!"
Cloaked Stranger says, "You are no Orcs."
Cyneberg says, "Are you friend or foe? Speak quickly!"
Cloaked Stranger says, "I know that voice...."
Cyneberg says, "...Thrymm!"
Cloaked Stranger says, "Cyneberg! Cyneberg, wake up!"

Objective 3

  • Reassure Thrymm that Cyneberg is all right

Thrymm is in the northern High Knolls.

You should speak with Thrymm.

Thrymm Red-beard: 'Is she ill? I cannot bear to lose her now that I have found her again. I thought everyone dead!'
You assure Thrymm that Cyneberg is as healthy as can be.
The shock of seeing Thrymm alive when she had given up hope seems to have overwhelmed her.
Cloaked Stranger says, "Thank goodness! Let us get somewhere warm."
Cloaked Stranger says, "There is a cave nearby. We can rest there."

Objective 4

  • See if Cyneberg is feeling better

Thrymm and Cyneberg are in Thrymm's cave in the northern High Knolls.

Cyneberg: 'I am well now, <name>. The joy overwhelmed me, for I thought all hope was lost.
'Thrymm, why did you not return to us? I knew you were alive, but no one believed me!
'I searched everywhere for you.'

Objective 5

  • Listen to Thrymm and Cyneberg

You should listen to Thrymm and Cyneberg.

Thrymm Red-beard says, "I was badly wounded after the giant threw me in Scylfig."
Thrymm Red-beard says, "I did not remember who I was until I saw you."
Thrymm Red-beard says, "My ribs were cracked, and my head ached."
Thrymm Red-beard says, "I only knew that I should kill the Orcs."
Thrymm Red-beard says, "I did not understand my hatred of them, but it gave my darkened mind a purpose."
Cyneberg says, "I am glad you are yourself again!"

Objective 6

  • Listen to Cyneberg

You should listen to Thrymm and Cyneberg.

Cyneberg: 'Now... now we can defeat Núrzum, or die trying. We have Thrymm, and we have so much more knowledge of our foe.'
Cyneberg says, "I am beginning to form a plan...."
Cyneberg says, "Apparently the horn is the key to weakening Núrzum."
Cyneberg says, "We will find Núrzum, and Thrymm can blow the horn!"
Thrymm Red-beard says, "My lungs cannot bear this, I'm afraid. My ribs are not mended."
Cyneberg says, "<name> - you shall blow the horn. Thrymm, you shall fight the giant."
Cyneberg says, "Let us go to Gárwig at once, and talk more as we travel."
Instance: A Trail of Vengeance
Cyneberg: 'I cannot wait to see Gárwig's face when he sees that Thrymm is alive!
'Let us leave at once. We must prepare for battle.'