Quest:In Núrzum's Wake

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In Núrzum's Wake
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Strongroot
Starts at Balewood
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [30.5S, 72.4W]
Ends with Strongroot
Ends at Balewood
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [30.5S, 72.4W]
Quest Group Wildermore: Balewood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Barallas is a wise Ent, and he is my elder. However, many are elders to us, for us young Ents are all that remain here. My bark looks old and weathered, you say? Old, my small friend... may still be young to us.

'The monster, Núrzum, has been a cause of great destruction to my friends in this forest. The cries of the trees as he pulled them from the earth is not something I long to hear again. His assault on this forest was swift and brutal, and many of his damages remain still.

'Along the side of that twisted path through the forest that the Orcs defile with their crude machinery, you will find his handiwork smashed into the earth.

'If you search for signs of his destruction, I would ask that you examine them...for strange things have been cropping up in this forest as of late, and none of them good.'


Strongroot wants you to explore around the Orc-roadway and discover evidence of Núrzum's corruption of the Balewood.

Objective 1

  • Search for a boulder thrown by Núrzum

The Orc-roadway can be found to the south and west of Strongroot in northern Balewood.

Strongroot has sent you to explore further down the Orc-roadway in hopes of finding evidence of Núrzum's destruction, so that he and the Ents might better understand their foe.

You have found an icy boulder that has impacted the ground deeply...such strength goes beyond even that of a giant

Objective 2

  • Search for more signs of Núrzum's destruction in the Balewood

Núrzum's destruction can be found off the sides of the Orc-roadway through northern Balewood.

Strongroot wants you to search for more evidence of Núrzum's assault in the Balewood so that the Ents may better understand the foe they face.

You have encountered a shard of ice upon which Núrzum has impaled several Wood-trolls

Objective 3

  • Examine the nearby crevasse in the Balewood

A crevasse can be found on the southwestern side of the Orc-roadway through the Balewood.

Strongroot wants you to search for more evidence of Núrzum's assault in the Balewood, so the Ents may better understand the foe they face.

You have discovered a jagged crack in the Balewood's earth, surely caused by Núrzum's stomping

Objective 4

Strongroot can be found in northern Balewood.

You have discovered much of Núrzum's destruction and should now return to Strongroot to discuss what you have found.

Strongroot: 'Hoom. Perhaps there is more to this monster than we thought...
'Such strength is uncommon, even for a giant of stone. And that foul roots sprang up from the earth amid his havoc... this is odd, indeed. Hoom. Odd and gravely unsettling...
'<name>, we must speak of what is to be done to learn more of this monster lest any hast action be taken...'