Quest:They Deserve a Better Fate

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They Deserve a Better Fate
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Landscape
Starts at Gárnoth's Farm
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [42.4S, 60.8W]
Ends with Gárwig
Ends at Lornsettle
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [37.8S, 61.0W]
Quest Group Wildermore: Fallows
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'When scouting Gárnoth's Farm, I saw their leader, Laudh, return with men that I can only assume were the farmers you spoke of. I cannot be certain why they were captured. However, I could not save them as there were more Orcs than I could handle alone.

'The farmers have been through enough and should be freed from captivity.'


The farmers of the Fallows were captured by the Lieutenant of Núrzum at Thrymm's Farm. If they still live, they are probably being held captive somewhere in Gárnoth's Farm.

Objective 1

  • Free the Farmers (0/4)

The farmers survived their capture at Thrymm's Farm. They appear to be relatively healthy, all things considered. After all they have been through, they should at least have their freedom.

You found Gárnoth's Farm. Look around for the farmers
Torwulf says, "I cannot thank you enough."
Siric says, "I thought we would never be saved!"
Ragnold says, "They were getting ready to kill us soon!"
Oter says, "Thank you, <name>!"

Objective 2

  • Return to Forlaw and speak with the Farmers

After being freed, the farmers have likely made their way back to the safety of Forlaw. You should head to the tavern since after surviving such an ordeal, some ale would look promising to anyone.

Torwulf: 'Things didn't go as planned, but we appreciate your help through it all.'
Siric: 'Thank you, <class>. We would not have made it without you.'
Ragnold: 'I think you have saved me three times over by now, or have I lost count? Thank you, <name>. We all owe you our lives.'
Oter, 'Thank you, <name>, for everything you've done for us. We will find a way to make a living here inside the city.
'My heart lives out on the land, on the plains... I was too stubborn to give up that freedom before, when it was probably more wise to run to Forlaw. Trying to salvage that farm almost got us all killed. I would rather live, even if it's within these walls.'

Objective 3

Gárwig is in Lornsettle, the mead hall of Forlaw. He will be happy to know the farmers have safely returned.

Gárwig: 'Those good men did everything they could to maintain those farms, and tried to help Forlaw the only way they knew how. But, the enemy has made sure our farms remain smoldering, and those brave men were lucky to live through their ordeal. I will try to help them find work here inside the city.
'Your efforts to help them were courageous, and they owe their lives to you. The people of Forlaw appreciate when we can see good men return alive, when so many do not.'