Quest:Instance: Shattered Roots

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Instance: Shattered Roots
Level 85
Type Solo only
Starts with Mossbeard
Starts at Balewood
Start Region Wildermore
Ends with Mossbeard
Ends at Balewood
End Region Wildermore
Quest Group Wildermore: Balewood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Shattered Roots
"After conversing with the trees of Balewood, Mossbeard has learned horrifying truths of Núrzum's origins and the fate of the elder Huorn, Brúndoron."


Mossbeard has chosen to tell you of Brúndoron, an elder Huorn of the Balewood slain before Núrzum came into power.

Objective 1

Mossbeard is standing outside the future location of the White Hand encampment in the Balewood.

Mossbeard is prepared to tell you a portion of what the trees have told him of Núrzum's origins before returning to Barallas and the others.

Mossbeard: 'Viler truths I have seldom known, <name>. The others must know of these happenings soon, but you must understand as well if you are to continue to aid us.
'Hoom, where the Orc-camp now lays once stood a bold Huorn... one of the very greatest in this forest. My memories of those days are as clear as ever they have been... but they are tainted by the knowledge I have gained from the trees.
'Come, let me tell you of the Huorn's fate...'

Objective 2

  • Listen as Mossbeard tells the tale of Brúndoron's fall

Mossbeard's story is still unfolding.

Mossbeard is sharing his memories as learned from the trees of the Balewood. You should listen as he tells you more of this story.

Mossbeard says, "I have learned a great many things from the trees, <name>..."
Mossbeard says, "Many things were as I feared, and some were far worse yet."
Mossbeard says, "I have much to tell, and little time to tell it, so let us begin!"
Mossbeard says, "Deep in these woods, there once lived a great Huorn called Brúndoron..."
Mossbeard says, "A more well-behaved Huorn than most, Leaflock's tending was never much needed, and its roots grew thick into the heart of the forest."
Mossbeard says, "Brúndoron took root, unbothered by the affairs of Ents or Men, but the pursuits of the Orcs were not so easily ignored..."
Mossbeard says, "And so came the day that the Orcs invaded, defiling the forest and preparing to siege the lands of Men..."
Mossbeard says, "Brúndoron had long lain dormant, but that time had come to an end."
Lomor says, "We made it, boys!"
Lomor says, "We're close enough to the forest's edge now. We make camp here...'"
Lomor says, "...once we cut one more tree down for the Wizard."
Lomor says, "You, make the first cut! We have to cart this back to Isengard soon or Saruman will have my head!"
Balewood Warrior says, "Get off! Get off! Ahhh..."
Lomor says, "What?! This is no tree!"
Lomor says, "You lot, get in there and hack it down before I crush your skulls myself!"
Lomor says, "Run back and tell the others to get over here! We'll be needin' more!"
Balewood Overseer says, "You don't have to tell me twice! On my way!"
Lomor says, "What are you waiting for, fools?! Attack!"
Lomor says, "Is... is it dead?"
Lomor says, "The Wizard won't like this..."
Lomor says, "Many of our number still stand, but so many have fallen, and for what?"
Lomor says, "How shall I tell him a tree devastated his forces?"
Balewood Overseer says, "Who says you have to tell the Wizard?"
Lomor says, "Ha! You are a wise Orc! I shall tell him my forces remain here with me..."
Lomor says, "And you... you will return to Isengard with the tree!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Mossbeard

Mossbeard is standing in the future location of the White Hand encampment in the Balewood.

Mossbeard's story has come to a close. You should speak to him before continuing your journey to Barallas and the others.

Mossbeard: 'Hoom. I have told you but half of what there is to tell... for far grimmer tales remain.
'Let us leave this place and return to Barallas and the others.'
'Come, let us leave this memory and return to the others. Are you ready, little one?'