Quest:Time to Think

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Time to Think
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Ránmald
Starts at Steaping Cave
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [31.4S, 64.8W]
Ends with Ránmald
Ends at Steaping Cave
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [31.4S, 64.8W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: High Knolls
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have done enough for now, <name>. Please, rest. Take some time to yourself. We will bury the Thane, and begin to pick up the pieces.

'It is our turn to bear the burden of what befalls our lands. Go! Come back when you are rested.'


After all that has come to pass since setting foot in Wildermore, you find that it is rather a lot to bear. Some time to clear your head will be helpful.

Objective 1

  • Head north behind the mountain to find a place to rest

A good resting spot might be north behind the mountain cave, away from Byre Tor.

You should head north to the other side of the mountain and find a spot to rest.

Objective 2

  • Stand and think on the cliff's edge

A good spot to stand and look beckons to you in the northern High Knolls.

You should stand at the cliff's edge and look, and think on all the people who have been lost.

As you look out at the green hills of the Great River untouched by Núrzum, you are filled with overwhelming grief and anger at the plight of Wildermore

Objective 3

  • Reflections upon those who died come unbidden to your mind

Memories of the dead come unbidden to your mind....

The sound of women's voices from below startle you from your reverie

Objective 4

  • Find the women whose voices you heard

You hear women's voices from below and should investigate.

Byre Tor Survivor: 'Don't ye come any closer! Stay back!'
The woman relaxes when she realizes you are not the an enemy.
'Yes, we escaped Byre Tor. We make north to cross the river at Eorlsmead.
'There are others that went towards the Balewood -- madness! and others that went with the Thane's family who were pursued by Orcs. We believe this is the safest way.'

Objective 4

Ránmald can be found in the cave north of Byre Tor.

You should return to Ránmald.

Ránmald: 'Other survivors! I agree with the others -- it is madness to go into the Balewood. That forest is haunted.'