Quest:Instance: Days Long Past

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Instance: Days Long Past
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Barallas
Starts at Enting Hollow
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [32.2S, 69.9W]
Quest Group Wildermore: Balewood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Days Long Past
"Sheltered from the evil that has taken hold of the forest, Barallas wishes to recall the days before Núrzum's coming, when the Ents once met at the Enting Hollow."


Barallas wishes to tell you of times before the siege of Fangorn Forest and the scattering of the Ents.

Objective 1

Barallas is standing at the Enting Hollow in eastern Balewood.

Barallas has chosen to tell you of times long past in Fangorn Forest, when the Ents still stood united.

Barallas: 'We have made it, <name>. Hoom... this forest has become so unfamiliar to me since Núrzum returned.
'Ah yes, he was here once before, little one, then.. .he was different. What he gained in might, he lost in compassion for the creatures of this realm.'
'Let us walk, and I shall t ell you more of Núrzum and the Men of these lands.'
Barallas says, "Hoom... walk with me, <name>."
Barallas says, "Look what has become of this forest..."
Barallas says, "The Orcs and the beast, Núrzum, have taken everything from us..."
Barallas says, "Everything lively struck cold and frozen..."
Barallas says, "Even this pond, little one."
Barallas says, "Hoom... We Ents once gathered here when the weather was fair and we feared not such monsters in our midst."
Barallas says, "Hum, such days were a brighter time, <name>..."
Barallas says, "My memories of those times flow unrestrained... the only thing left untouched in this winter."
Barallas says, "Let me tell you of those days long past, <name>..."
Barallas says, "I and the other Ents had gathered to meet at Enting Hollow..."

Objective 2

  • Witness the meeting of the Ents

Barallas is recounting his tale of the Ents at the Enting Hollow in the Balewood.

Barallas and the other Ents of the Balewood once stood united at the Enting Hollow before Núrzum came to Fangorn.

Nindorn says, "Hum, so long has it been, my friends..."
Duskleaf says, "Hoom, certainly it has..."
Duskleaf says, "Ah, but Nindorn... how joyous that our paths cross again."
Nindorn says, "Hum... and of course, to see you..."
Duskleaf says, "Barallas, Strongroot, Mossbeard, and..."
Duskleaf says, "Tithenolf!"
Duskleaf says, "Tithenolf, your skill in slumbering through anything will never cease to astound me..."
Tithenolf says, "Hoom? Hum. Oh, I am dearly sorry, my friends..."
Barallas says, "Hum, some things never change..."
Strongroot says, "I, too, am glad to look upon you all again..."
Strongroot says, "But... happenings in the forest have been troubling me as of late as some of you surely know."
Barallas says, "Hum, yes..."
Tithenolf says, "Indeed..."
Mossbeard says, "Yes, but what have you to say of them?"
Duskleaf says, "I am well aware of such things, Strongroot."
Strongroot says, "The Men have been coming closer to the forest..."
Mossbeard says, "What of them, Strongroot?"
Tithenolf says, "Mossbeard is right... These Men have never risen against us. What have we to fear of them?"
Strongroot says, "Their horn... and the noise it creates is proving a great trouble to the forest..."
Strongroot says, "It frightens the huorns greatly, my friends."
Mossbeard says, "I doubt the Men mean anything of it save to protect themselves, being as tiny as they are. Would you not seek to do the same?"
Mossbeard says, "The Men will keep to themselves and Leaflock shall manage... as has always been so."
Strongroot says, "Perhaps, Mossbeard, but perhaps not..."
Tithenolf says, "This horn you speak of does us little harm. Matters of the Ents should concern only Ents, and likewise for these Men..."
Nindorn says, "Let us avoid such unneeded conflicts, my friends..."
Strongroot says, "You... are right, Nindorn. Such things should not bring forth more trouble for us. My worries are eased..."
Duskleaf says, "Eased? Dare you not speak of your other concern, Strongroot?"
Duskleaf says, "The stone giant who wandered about in our forest? Strongroot, you were not alone in seeing such a thing..."
Strongroot says, "I thought I was the only who saw... the giant came down from the Misty Mountains..."
Strongroot says, "He wandered long in our forest and journeyed to the lands of the Men before returning whence he came..."
Strongroot says, "As he fled, the horn's sounding came again. He had suffered deep wounds... I do not think he shall be seen again for fear of what the Men may do on his return."
Duskleaf says, "We should not abide a stone giant in the forest though... Even with careful steps, so much life can be needlessly quelled."
Barallas says, "The giant's wounds were severe... This is a matter between him and the Men. It is not our place to involve ourselves, Duskleaf."
Duskleaf says, "You are wrong, Barallas. There are times when there is no choice but to act... and in your absence, I will!"
Barallas' tale comes to a close
Barallas says, "Even with our conflicts, such times were better..."
Barallas says, "Come, let us leave these memories behind..."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Barallas

Barallas is standing at the Enting Hollow in the Balewood.

Barallas has finished his tale of the Ents. You should speak with him before setting off.

Barallas: And so, little <class>, you have heard all I wish to say on these matters.
'Let us return to Stonecliff...such an open space is a perilous place to remain...
'Hoom. And so, little one, my tale ends.
'Let us speak of other things...'