Quest:Instance: Running Towards Nothing

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Instance: Running Towards Nothing
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Snow-covered Rucksack
Starts at Balewood
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [34.1S, 69.6W]
Ends with Húna
Ends at Hidden Cave
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [32.9S, 70.3W]
Quest Group Wildermore: Balewood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Running Towards Nothing
"In the dark of Balewood, you have discovered a snow-covered pack, a sign that the refugees of Byre Tor may yet live..."


In the dark of Balewood, you have discovered a snow-covered pack, a sign that the refugees of Byre Tor may yet live.

Objective 1

  • Search the roadway for signs of Byre Tor Refugees
  • The refugees of Byre Tor must survive

The Orc roadway stretches through much of Balewood.

Sensing that the refugees may be nearby, you decide to search the barren roadway for any sign of Byre Tor refugees before more Orcs return.

A muffled yell pierces the snowfall as a refugee runs into view
Húna says, "Help me! Anyone! Please!"

Objective 2

  • Defeat the Refugee's attackers (0/2)

The man's attackers can be found on the roadway.

You have discovered a man of Byre Tor fleeing from vicious wood-trolls of Balewood.

Defeated the refugee's attackers
Húna says, "T-thank you for your aid, stranger..."

Objective 3

Húna can be found along the Orc roadway in Balewood.

Having saved the man from certain doom, you should now speak to him to learn of his plight and the fates of the other refugees.

Húna: 'Thank you for your aid, friend...'
Húna struggles to catch his breath
'My fellows and I became separated when the wood-trolls attacked us... I feel a coward for abandoning them so, but we are defenceless... I know not what fates have befallen them by now.
'You look like a hearty <class>. Will you aid me in my search for them?'

Objective 4

Húna is travelling along the Orc roadway in Balewood.

You should aid Húna in seeking out his fellows in Balewood.

Objective 5

  • Talk to Húna

Húna is on the roadway in Balewood.

The snarls of Orcs in the distance have cut short Húna's heroics, and you should speak to him to discern what action is to be taken.

Húna says, "I ran for some time, <name>... let me catch my breath..."
Húna says, "I fear the others were not as fortunate as I, but we may yet find them."
Húna says, "Enough rest... we must find the others!"
Húna says, "D-do you hear that?"
The snarls of Orcs can be heard faintly in the distance...

Objective 6

  • Follow Húna deeper into the Balewood

Húna is running north-east of the roadway in Balewood.

Húna believes that his fellows might be found off the side of the road in Balewood. You should continue to follow and protect him.

Húna: 'Let us away, <name>... I fear no good will come of us staying on this road. We should take refuge among the trees here and perhaps we shall find my fellows...'

Objective 7

  • Follow Húna deeper into the Balewood

The Orc roadway can be found to the west of the cave Húna discovered.

Húna has reunited with Bébba, but during their conversation the frantic screams of one of their fellows nearby has filled them with grave concern.

Húna says, "Ah, what fortune! A cave... perhaps we can seek shel-"
Bébba says, "Ho! Húna... can it be so?"
Húna says, "Bébba! Are you safe? Where are the others?"
Bébba says, "For the moment, yes. I discovered an empty cave as I ran..."
Bébba says, "But alas, I have heard naught of the rest of us..."
A frantic yell coming from the Orc roadway pierces the air
Bébba says, "That sounded like Léodwald! Quickly, to the road!"
A surly Uruk captain standing over a wounded refugee sees you approach

Objective 8

  • Approach the Uruk captain Voskor

The Uruk captain can be found along the roadway in Balewood.

Húna's fellow, Léodwald, has been wounded and captured by a vile Uruk captain of Isengard. You should confront the Uruk before any more harm can come to the Rohirrim.

The Uruk smirks before gesturing to you, Bébba, and Húna
Voskor says, "Well, well. Looks like there's more than trees here after all..."
Voskor says, "Chop 'em up, boys!"

Objective 9

  • Defeat the attacking Orcs

The Orc attackers can be found on the roadway in Balewood.

In response to your defiance, the Uruk captain has set his Orcs upon you. They must be defeated if the refugees are to escape the forest alive.

Defeated the attacking Orcs

Objective 10

Léodwald can be found laying on the roadway in Balewood.

You should speak to Leodwald about his condition before confronting the Uruk captain a second time.

Léowald: 'I...I think there's no rescue for me, stranger...
'The Uruk... He is too strong. Leave me...'

Objective 11

  • Attempt to stand against Voskor and his force

You are frozen in fear as the ground trembles - you must wait to see what unfolds.

The ground trembles as Voskor begins to speak
Voskor says, "I'll cut you down myself, wretches. You'll -"
Voskor says, "What's this?!"
Voskor says, "Oh ho! Lucky you... sounds like Núrzum's come to crush you himself!"
Voskor says, "What?! Hack it down! Now!"
Balewood Warrior says, "Help! Ahhhhh..."
Balewood Warrior says, "I can't move... it's crushing me!"
Voskor says, "Stay away from me! I'll burn you alive, I swear it!"
Voskor says, "Your kind have no power over us!"
Voskor says, "Ice and ashes will be all that remain of your precious -"
You summon the courage to stand as the vicious huorn beats back the Uruk captain

Objective 12

  • Flee to the cave with the Byre Tor Refugees

The cave can be found to the east of the Orc roadway.

The Uruk captain has been brutally defeated by a raging huorn. You should flee for safety while the huorn pursues the wounded Uruk into the woods.

Léodwald says, "Let's get out of here! Run!"
Húna says, "Quickly! We must seek shelter in the cave..."
You have escaped Rottenheart and the Orcs!

Objective 13

  • Talk to Húna and flee into the cave

Húna can be found outside the cave to the east of the roadway in Balewood.

You have escaped certain defeat from a powerful Uruk captain and a vicious huorn, and should now seek shelter with the other refugees in the nearby cave.

Húna: 'If these are truly the forces we are forced to contend with in this forest, I hold not much hope for our escape...
'Nevertheless... thank you for your aid, friend. We would have succumbed to the cold even if those monsters had not found us.
'I mean you no ill-will, but such terrors are likely even beyond your skill, friend. You are welcome to stay with us until it is safe to leave the cave.
'Come, let us warm ourselves and rest inside.'
Húna: 'Come, let us flee into the cave and leave such violence to the likes of them! Are you ready to follow us?'
Instance: Running Towards Nothing