Quest:The Widow of Gárferth

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The Widow of Gárferth
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Cyneberg
Starts at Thrymm's Home
Start Region Forlaw
Map Ref [39.4S, 60.6W]
Ends with Auto-complete
Ends at Forlaw Graveyard
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [39.8S, 60.1W]
Quest Group Wildermore: Fallows
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ebba cares for the orphans, but has no children of her own. Now, with Gárferth's death, she will find it hard to not feel alone. Please check on Ebba.'


One of the three widows is Ebba. She is reeling from the death of her husband, Gárferth, who fell in the battle at Forlaw's gate. Her kindness is unwavering as she cares for the orphans, Ansith and Cuthmar, as if they were her own children.

Objective 1

Ebba is inside Gárferth's house, near the center of Forlaw. Ebba and Ansith are preparing dinner after the long day.

Objective 2

Edsig's helmet is kept on a shelf in the main room of Gárferth's home.

Objective 3

  • Place Edsig's helmet at Gárferth's grave

The path to the graveyard of Forlaw is just outside Forlaw's southern gate.

Objectivew 4

  • Completed

Respects have been paid to Gárferth.

You have paid your respects to Gárferth, Edsig, and both of their families. Ebba will appreciate your help