High King's Crossing

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High King's Crossing
Region: Evendim
Area: Parth Aduial
Location: [13.8S, 64.2W]

High King's Crossing is a settlement located within the area of Parth Aduial, in Evendim. [13.8S, 64.2W]

Athwart Baranduin, where it floats out of Lake Evendim, is this monumental bridge that is commonly known as the "Colossus". This is also where the three areas of Barandalf, Men Erain, and Parth Aduial meet, the Ranger camp being within Parth Aduial.

A group of Rangers have set up camp under the giant arcs of the superstructure, a camp with a healer, provisioner, dock-master, and stable-master.

Notice: You can use the dangling rope to climb the colossus during the quest Crown of the Colossus, and thereafter.


The Stable-master of High King Crossing
The Dock-master of the crossing
View of Parth Aduial from the top of the colossus


Destination Region Cost Prereqs
Dwaling Evendim 15 Silver 
Dwaling (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver 
Oatbarton Evendim 15 Silver 
Oatbarton (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver 
Ost Forod Evendim 15 Silver 
Ost Forod (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver 
Tinnudir Evendim 15 Silver 
Tinnudir (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver 
Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Buckland (Swift) Bree-land 25 Silver  Min. Level: 25
Tinnudir (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver  Min. Level: 25
Trader's Wharf (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver  Min. Level: 25




Festival quests


NPC Function Coords
Services & Supplies
Trevadir Stable-master [13.8S, 64.0W]
Dock-master Dock-master [13.6S, 63.9W]
Agorindel Healer [13.9S, 64.1W]
Bruilos Provisioner [13.8S, 64.1W]
Adleithian Quest [13.8S, 64.2W]
Daerol Quest [13.9S, 64.2W]
Gaelnarthan Quest [13.9S, 64.1W]
Herthdúr Quest [13.8S, 64.2W]
Sardan Quest [13.9S, 64.1W]


"Guarding the crossing of the River Baranduin in Evendim are three great statues, wrought in the honour of the kings of old. The first and greatest of these is of Elendil the Tall, the first High King of Middle-earth. The others are more abstract, depicting the many-pointed star that was the sigil of the North-kingdom of Arnor.
"The High King's Crossing has long lain abandoned, ever since the fall of the North-kingdom and the fading of the Dúnedain of the North. The Rangers strive to preserve the mighty likeness of Elendil, lest it fades, and the remaining shreds of their glory fade with it." — lorebook