The Eldgang

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The Eldgang is a reputation faction located in the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu, in the uttermost northeast of Angmar.

Long have the Eldgang dwelt in the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu, ever in the shadow of an imprisoned evil.
Now they face threats from all sides: the chains of Thaurlach are loosing, the Everseer and his Nameless horde gather, and Fire-orcs in the service of Mordor seek tools of darkness to use in Sauron's war against the Free People's of Middle-Earth.

In The Rift characters will loot shards, scrap ore, and rift coins. The can be used to barter with the giants of The Eldgang as well as Rangers at Iorelen's Camp.

Location and NPCs

Hangout: The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu (Raid)
Head down from Iorelen's Camp, or use the Instance Finder.
Reputation NPCs are found at Iorelen's Camp, inside the Raid, and in Thrâng's room after his defeat.


Giant.png Asmólf

Upper Noruidor

Giant.png Gunnlaug - Consumables Trader
Giant.png Raskulf - Weapon Mender
Giant.png Utrygg - Conversion Trader
Giant.png Hyrrokkin - Quest
Giant.png Tortrygg - Quest


Giant.png Eimyr - Quest
Glathlírel.png Glathlírel - Quest

Gaining Reputation




  • Most mobs within the raid


Barter Items

Barterer: Utrygg - Upper Noruidor

Item Cost
Rift-iron Coin-icon.png Rift-iron Coin 5Scrap of Rift-iron Ore-icon.png Scraps of Rift-iron Ore
Rift-iron Coin-icon.png Rift-iron Coin 3Obsidian Rock-shard-icon.png Obsidian Rock-shards

Barterers: Gunnlaug and Ruinestel at Iorelen's Camp

Barterer: Amban at Iorelen's Camp

Faction Standing


  • Able to use the vendors in Thrâng's room after his defeat.