Item:Brilliant Edhelharn Token

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Brilliant Edhelharn Token
  • Consumed On Use
  • On Use:
  • +5 Hope
  • Duration: 15m
    Effects applied to the Fellowship within 20 meters:
    +5 Hope
    Duration: 15m
  • Cooldown: 3m
  • Minimum Level 40
  • "In the darkness of times, even the faintest glimmer of hope can make all the difference."
  • Worth: 2 Silver 
  • Stacks to 20

Craft Information

Profession: Jeweller

​Crafting Tier: Master (Tier 5)

​Recipe:  Brilliant Edhelharn Token Recipe


Standard Critical
 Brilliant Edhelharn Token  Glorious Edhelharn Token

See Hope Token Index for variations of Edhelharn Tokens.

Effect Information

This item grants the effect  Brilliant Edhelharn Token: Give Hope which grants Hope to the fellowship.

Quest Information

Barter Information


Sage of Eriador Region Location Coords
Rostellen Angmar Aughaire [0.6N, 39.5W]
Maleniel Evendim Tinnudir [12.0S, 68.1W]
Maedbrennil Forochel Sûri-kylä [19.3N, 70.9W]
Taidbes Trollshaws Rivendell [29.5S, 3.8W]
Item(s) to Receive Item(s) to Trade
 Brilliant Edhelharn Token 2 Marks of Triumph


Item(s) to Receive Item(s) to Trade
 Brilliant Edhelharn Token 2 Rift-iron Coins