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Image of Glathlírel
Title Avenger
Gender Female
Race Elf
Level 51
Morale 47,140
Power 8,735
Region Angmar
Dungeon The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu (Raid)
Location Norbar


Glathlírel is an Elf who has been guarding Thaurlach for ages. She begins the Thaurlach encounter in the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu, and is crucial in defeating him. She grants the effect Inspiring Presence on nearby players.

Much later, Glathlírel takes part in the war-council of Lord Celeborn, at the Court of Lothlórien.

Quest Involvement


Glathlírel at the Court of Celeborn
“Strangers... you were sent to me by the Eldgang?“
"Then it is as I have feared. There is little time, but you must know the peril you face! Prepare yourself and listen to my tale."
"Long ago, at the breaking of Thangorodrim, Thaurlach flew to this land and I gave chase."
"At his coming, all was beset with brimstone and flame, and he eluded me."
"For long years he lay hidden, until the Dark Power rose again and Thaurlach awoke from his secret slumber."'
"He was revealed to me in that moment, and I struggled with him in battle."
"With the aid of the wizards I threw down my foe: defeated, but not slain."
"Thaurlach sued for pardon at the feet of the wizards."'
"They deemed he should be imprisoned where he could await his judgment at the end of days."'
"Long have I here waited for Thaurlach to seek his freedom, that I may end his menace for good if he sought to escape!"'
"When I open this seal, the true test of your will shall begin!"
"First, I must remove the seals."'
"Now to open the locks..."
"You have come just in time! Thaurlach is stirring. There is something amiss!"
"We must purify these streams, or we will never be able to stop them! Protect me!"
"Follow me! They will do everything they can to stop us!"
"I must clear the waters here. Defend me!"
"We must hurry to the second chamber! Run! Quickly now!"
"We must purify this fountain, as well. Do not let your guard down!"
"I am through here. We must continue!"
"Something is still wrong! He is stronger! We must..."
"Ai! He is free! What has been done! We must stop the corrupted water from entering the pool."
"Hurry! Some of you stand with me, the others must handle the levers!"