Nan Amlug East

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Areas-icon.png Nan Amlug East
Region: The North Downs
Landmark(s): Fashat Laug
Kar Lak
Ost Crithlanc
Nan Amlug West
Ram Dúath - Angmar
Levels: Mainly 28 - 30
Resource tier: Expert
Nan Amlug East.jpg

Nan Amlug East is an area within The North Downs in the north-eastern region.

South of Angmar and along the southward road to Rhunenlad and beyond this area is covered by a mix of forests and billowing hills. In its utmost south-western corner is found the secret and narrow mountain pass to Esteldín and north of those mountains this area proceeds into Nan Amlug West. Huge but harmless hoar-mantles are roaming this area, as well as wargs and the Angmar allied Rauta-lehmä giants living in camps at the east-most outskirts. Recently Hillmen have set up camp in the north, near the gates into Angmar.

The Rangers of Esteldín are concerned with these new residents and that the Earth-kins, allies of old, are stock piling armaments and routing it far and beyond. They are also protecting and helping their allies, the friendly Suuri-lehmä giants of Rusfold, hence many quests aim at thinning ranks of the enemies and recovering armaments. No notable services are found within this area aside from a single dwarven Vendor at Rusfold.

Three paths connect to Angmar from this area:


Fashat Laug

These landmarks are located within Nan Amlug East:



See list of NPCs within Nan Amlug East.


Kar Lak

See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests




Ost Crithlanc

The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of The North Downs Topographic map of The North Downs


The central, and only real safe passage into Angmar Ruined tower near Ost Crithlanc Shallow pond within Nan Amlug East Earth-kin shrine to a great auroch An interesting stone formation in western Nan Amlug East The wilds of Nan Amlug West The drake & worm infested west passage into Angmar