Quest:Instance: Heirloom of the Earth-Kin

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Instance: Heirloom of the Earth-Kin
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts with Rhothlas
Starts at Nan Amlug East
Start Region North Downs
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 2
Class Lore-master
Reflecting Pool Gorgoroth Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Heirloom of the Earth-Kin
"Your efforts to cleanse the evils from the corrupted Earth-Kin pouch have led you to an Ent, a shepherd of the trees, and the story he has to tell..."


Rattleleaf has agreed to tell you the story of what he saw by the pool beneath Kar Lak. Will hearing his tale help you to cleanse the Earth-kin pouch of its corruption?

Objective 1

Rattleleaf is by the still pool beneath Kar Lak, waiting to tell you his tale.

Rattleleaf : 'This was not long ago, but the counting of Ents, but you would feel otherwise. Years? Perhaps, yes, you would say years, but it feels much shorter to me.'

Objective 2

  • Listen to Rattleleaf's story

Rattleleaf is telling you a tale.

Rattleleaf says, "The wind in my leaves was very pleasant."
Rattleleaf says, "I was always fond of standing by the pool's edge at sunset."
Rattleleaf says, "There is nothing like a refreshing drink before night falls."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Rattleleaf and get him back on track

Rattleleaf seems to have distracted himself, and needs reminding of the story he was going to tell.

Rattleleaf : 'Hoom, oh yes, you wanted to hear the tale of the one who remained behind. I am sorry. For an Ent, every detail is important to convey, but you smaller races do not drink deeply of every flavour in the same way.'

Objective 4

  • Listen to Rattleleaf's story

Rhothlas has begun to tell you the tale of what he saw by the still pool.

Rattleleaf says, "Hoom, boom, hrum tum..."
Rattleleaf says, "The first creature was over here."
Rattleleaf says, "He sat by the edge of the pool, and I thought we were quite alike."
Rattleleaf says, "Each of us enjoyed this spot: the cool breezes, the still water, the feel of the grass."
Rattleleaf says, "But then other creatures came."
Rattleleaf says, "They were of his kind, hoom, boom, but these were of a different sort."
Rattleleaf says, "They did not pause to enjoy the breezes, or the feel of the grass."
Rattleleaf says, "Sometimes the heart of a tree is rotten. I felt this was so of these others."
Rattleleaf says, "They spoke."
Raudveli says, "I told you not to come here anymore, Trotsiv!"
Trotsiv says, "But this place for all Earth-kin."
Raudveli says, "Not anymore. This place Angmar's place now."
Trotsiv says, "Crown of Iron not master of Earth-kin."
Trotsiv says, "She who made us gave us task to do."
Raudveli says, "Those days long past!"
Raudveli says, "Let others carry out her duties. Jorthkyn make own path!"
Raudveli says, "Raudveli threw away seed-bag. Crown of Iron has much better gifts."
Trotsiv says, "Seed-bag not gift. Seed-bag responsibility."
Raudveli says, "Pah!"
Trotsiv says, "Trotsiv not forget. Trotsiv still have seeds."
Raudveli says, "Maybe Raudveli take seed-bag. Maybe Raudveli destroy seeds."
Trotsiv says, "No!"
Raudveli says, "What Trotsiv think to do? Trotsiv outnumbered."
Trotsiv says, "Trotsiv take seed-bag and go home. But Trotsiv not forget."
Raudveli says, "Cannot allow Trotsiv to go!"
Raudveli says, "I take seed-bag, Trotsiv. I take to Crown of Iron."

Objective 5

  • Talk to Rattleleaf

Rattleleaf has told you the story of Trotsiv, unhappy though it was.

Rattleleaf: 'The other creatures went away, but the first remained behind, and returned to the earth. Hoom, boom, toom.'
'I saw it all, but it is not the place of the Ents to interfere in the lives of other creatures. My own charge is to tend to the trees; I am not a shepherd of anything else. She who make the earth-kin would understand, hoom, boom, toom.
'I know that this is so, root and branch... but... I also know that I have done wrong, little <race>.'

Objective 6

  • Listen to Rattleleaf's tale

Rattleleaf has told you the story of Trotsiv, unhappy though it was.

Rattleleaf says, "I did not need to interfere."
Rattleleaf says, "But I wish I did, hoom, boom, toom."
Rattleleaf says, "Whenever I come to this place, I will think of the one who remained."
Rattleleaf says, "Ah, hrum, tum! A clean breeze has swept away the reek of evil!"
  • Talk to Rattleleaf

Rattleleaf is by the pool beneath Kar Lak.

Rattleleaf: 'The earthborn and the earth-kin were given similar instructions, little <race>. We may not be kindred, but we tend to the same concerns and our purposes are not opposed. The divide between us is a small one only.'
'The divide between the earth-kin I witnessed was much wider, and it was caused by Angmar. Ah, that is a name malignant. Hrumty bum, hroomty boom! The seed-bag went to Angmar, but it did not stay there. They could not open it. Somehow it came to you, and it was sealed tight, and there was evil all around it.'
'But now the pouch has been freed from the corruption that ensnared it. It is a gift from he who remained. Go now where you can best make use of his gift. I will stay here, and remember. Hroom, broom, toom!'
Completed:Instance: Heirloom of the Earth-kin
Collected the Seeds of Defiance