Fields of Fornost

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Areas-icon.png Fields of Fornost
Region: The North Downs
Landmark(s): Amon Amrûn
The Evendim Gate
Falconer's Tower
Mincham's Camp
Norbury Gates
Ost Nuaran
Tham Lorn
Settlement(s): Treasure Hunters' Camp
Parth Aduial - Evendim
Levels: Mainly 25 - 26
Resource tier: Expert
Fields of Fornost.jpg

Fields of Fornost is an area within North Downs in the western region.

This was once where the capital of Arnor stood, known as Norbury of the Kings, the North Kingdom of Men. Now, all that remains are weathered ruins that reminds travellers of the war that drove away the Witch-king of Angmar, and fields of wild grasses and sparse trees. These barren fields north of the Greenway area embrace the northern end of the North-South Road leading to the city of Fornost; across the western fields the Evendim Gate leads to Evendim and beyond. Recently foul creatures and hardened bands of Orcs and goblins have moved into these fields again, and into Dol Dínen.

The Fields of Fornost is mainly a questing area providing a variety of fell beasts. In the south is Mincham's Camp and in the north Treasure Hunters' Camp, both housing several quest givers. They also provide some basic vendors: healer, provisioner, and supplier.


The following settlements are found within this area:


Treasure Hunters' Camp

These landmarks are located within Fields of Fornost:


See "list of NPCs" within the Fields of Fornost.


Amon Amrûn
The Evendim Gate

See "starting quests" as well as each location for quest



Falconer's Tower
Mincham's Camp
Norbury Gates
Tham Lorn

The following creatures are found within this area:
The common fields outside the Norbury Gates:


Map of The North Downs Topographic map of The North Downs


Gate to Fornost City from the Fields of Fornost Shade haunted ruins on an isle One of three mounds guarded by a named shade The wilds in the eastern Fields of Fornost Pond just north of Mincham's Camp The North-South road as it leads to Fornost One of many unnamed ruins in the Fields of Fornost