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All NPCs within Thorin's Gate

Notice: Thorin's Gate is the main area for the introduction quests for dwarves and elves; after that period many NPCs remain at their post, or are found elsewhere, or vanish. And the opposite, after that period a number of NPCs will appear and all permanent locations will be available. Thus, see the individual locations and their NPCs for the fine print. (At this page the listed NPCs are usually permanent; the written hints are not always thorough, to avoid too much clutter.)
NPC Function Coords
Dwarf.png Rúni Housing Broker [15.6S, 104.7W]
Dwarf.png Wíli Stable-master [15.0S, 103.6W]
Dwarf.png Flosi Quest [14.1S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Gagi Cloudbrow Quest [15.0S, 103.5W]
Dwarf.png Nefi Gemcutter Quest [15.8S, 103.4W]
Dwarf.png Sergeant-at-Arms Igul MP - Quest [15.0S, 103.6W]
Dwarf.png Vitharr Quest [14.2S, 104.5W]
Dwarf.png Guard
Dwarf.png Townsperson
Dwarf.png Festival Announcer Stable-master -- Frostbluff [15.0S, 103.6W]
Dwarf.png Arnar Keg-hopping Race-master [14.2S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Kolmar Keg-hopping Runner [14.2S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Lar Keg-hopping Runner [14.2S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Ottó Keg-hopping Runner [14.2S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Signar Keg-hopping Runner [14.2S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Skalli Quest [14.2S, 103.2W]
ElfF.png Frustrated Race Observer [14.2S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Happy Race Observer [14.2S, 103.2W]
HobbitM.png Hopeful Race Observer [14.2S, 103.2W]
Dwarf/Elf Introduction Period
Dwarf.png Tryggwi Quest [15.4S, 102.7W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Guard

The Berghold

Only during Dwarf/Elf Introduction Period

NPC Function Coords
Dourhand.png Bjarni Quest [15.8S, 102.5W]
Dwarf.png Gormr Doursmith Quest [15.8S, 102.5W]

Crafting Hall


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Binír Supplier
Dwarf.png Frithbert Provisioner


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Loftur Master of Apprentices
Dwarf.png Kolfinn Master of Crafting Guilds
Dwarf.png Islífur Novice Cook
Dwarf.png Nisti Novice Jeweller
Dwarf.png Gestur Novice Metalsmith
Dwarf.png Makan Novice Scholar
Dwarf.png Jes Novice Tailor
Dwarf.png Hannis Novice Weaponcrafter
Dwarf.png Almar Novice Woodworker

Edhelion Watch

Only during Dwarf/Elf Introduction Period, except Isdi

During the Elvish/Dwarf expedition to Skorgrim's Tomb

Quests and Others

NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Dorollas Quest [15.3S, 101.6W]
Elladan.png Elladan Quest [15.2S, 101.6W]
ElfF.png Merethen Quest [14.4S, 101.6W]
Dwarf.png Nos Grimsong Quest [15.2S, 101.5W]
ElfF.png Erynwen [15.2S, 101.6W]
ElfF.png Laergil [15.2S, 101.5W]
ElfM.png Orodlin [15.3S, 101.6W]

Supplies & Equipment

NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Gailthin Grocer [15.3S, 101.6W]
ElfM.png Edenithil Bowyer [15.3S, 101.5W]
ElfF.png Fanhir Weaponsmith [15.3S, 101.5W]
ElfM.png Perphant Light Armour Trader [15.3S, 101.5W]
ElfM.png Hithbar Medium Armoursmith [15.2S, 101.6W]

Class Trainers

NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Malthendring Champion Trainer [15.3S, 101.5W]
ElfF.png Anglor Guardian Trainer [15.3S, 101.6W]
ElfF.png Glanwen Hunter Trainer [15.3S, 101.6W]
ElfF.png Pennastan Lore-master Trainer [15.3S, 101.6W]
ElfM.png Thalchyl Minstrel Trainer [15.2S, 101.5W]
ElfF.png Lennasthrieln Rune-keeper Trainer [15.2S, 101.5W]
ElfM.png Calthendin Warden Trainer [15.3S, 101.5W]

Current Period

NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Isdi Quest - Lore-master [15.3S, 101.6W]

Frerin's Court

Permanent NPCs

NPC Function Coords
Dwarf.png Guard-captain Unnarr Quest [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Halli Shimmershield Quest [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Ormr Quest [15.1S, 103.1W]
Dwarf.png Tindr Quest [14.9S, 103.1W]
Dwarf.png Dwarf-lieutenant [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Guard
Dwarf.png Townspersons
Dwarf.png Watcher

Dwarf / Elf Intro Period

Supplies & Equipment

NPC Function Coords
Dourhand.png Dourhand Provisioner [15.0S, 103.1W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Light Armoursmith [15.1S, 103.1W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Medium Armoursmith [15.1S, 103.1W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Bowyer [15.1S, 103.1W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Weaponsmith [15.1S, 103.1W]

Class Trainers

NPC Function Coords
Dourhand.png Dourhand Champion Trainer [15.1S, 103.3W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Guardian Trainer [15.1S, 103.3W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Hunter Trainer [15.1S, 103.3W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Lore-master Trainer [15.1S, 103.2W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Minstrel Trainer [15.1S, 103.2W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Rune-keeper Trainer [15.1S, 103.2W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Warden Trainer [15.1S, 103.3W]


NPC Function Coords
Dwarf.png Bogi Quest [15.1S, 103.2W]
Dwalin.png Dwalin Quest [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Mathi Stouthand Quest [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Olin Quest [15.1S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Selur Quest [15.1S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Unnarr Quest [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Bolli [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dori.png Dori [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Dúri Bold-hammer [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Grithur [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Ovi Redforge [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dwarf.png Torri [15.0S, 103.2W]
Dourhand.png Dourhand Dwarf
Dourhand.png Dourhand Guard

The Greenhouse

NPC Function Coords
Dwarf.png Imir Novice Farmhand [13.8S, 103.0W]

Mirkstone Tunnels

Only during Dwarf/Elf Introduction Period

NPC Function Coords
Elrohir.png Elrohir Quest [14.6S, 105.0W]

Skorgrím's Tomb

Dwarf / Elf Intro Period

NPC Function Coords
Dourhand.png Skorgrím Dourhand Quest Interior

Thorin's Gates

NPC Function Coords
Dwarf.png Bogi Deepdelver Barter Exchange Trader [13.8S, 103.3W]
Dwarf.png Skógi Quest [13.8S, 103.2W]

Thorin's Hall

Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall

NPC Function
The Middle Section
Dwarf.png Thorlák Town Crier
Dwarf.png Wárr Ink-sleeve Notary
Dwarf.png Bávor Quest
Dwarf.png Ísleif Quest
Dwarf.png Wegeir Quest
GondorianM.png Quartermaster Featured Instance Quartermaster
Dwarf.png Arnúlfur Keeper of Gifts - Anniversay
Dwarf.png Rökkvi Keeper of Gifts - Anniversay
Dwarf.png Labourer
Dwarf.png Townsperson
Dwarf.png Watcher
Dourhand.png Dourhand Dwarf Imprisoned
Goblin.png Blue-crags Imprisoned
The Western Section - Vault
Dwarf.png Feggi Vault-keeper
Dwarf.png Gyllir Vault-keeper
Dwarf.png Kabbi Vault-keeper
HumanF.png Petula Barley Burglar Trainer
Dwarf.png Túki Escrow Broker
Dwarf.png Townsperson
Dwarf.png Watcher
The Eastern Section - Auction House
Dwarf.png Farmann Auctioneer
Dwarf.png Fathi Auctioneer
Dwarf.png Kaupi Auctioneer
Dwarf.png Frosti Groundshaker Quest - Hunter

Hall of Kings

NPC Function
Western Ground Floor
Dwarf.png Dannel Medium Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Adwyn Flame-eye Bowyer
Dwarf.png Ivor Yewbend Bowyer
Dwarf.png Ludde Blackeagle Bowyer
Dwarf.png Albryc Long-foot One-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Hagan Storm-sword Two-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Jolfur Hunter Trainer
HumanM.png Holger Halifax Warden Trainer
Dwarf.png Kobbi Champion Trainer
Dwarf.png Naut Guardian Trainer
North-western Terrace
Dwarf.png Jórunn Firesong Light Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Nál Bellowsbreath Light Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Fengari Frostmere Medium Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Kettil Hardhelm Medium Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Galti son of Geitir Heavy Armoursmith
HumanM.png Granger Halifax Captain Trainer
Dwalin.png Dwalin Quest
Dwarf.png Litli Quest
Dwarf.png Thrymur Quest
Eastern Ground Floor
Dwarf.png Steinn Silvertongue Bard
Dwarf.png Boltr Outfitter
Dwarf.png Refkell Hobby Master
Dwarf.png Durstan Light Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Invar Heavy Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Reykur Minstrel Trainer
Dwarf.png Tandri Greyhammer Quest
Eastern Terrace
Dwarf.png Alvari son of Breki One-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Dagg Dour-face One-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Brymir Hammerhand Two-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Thorvald Thunder-hall Two-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Heikki Goldwatcher Quest
ElfF.png Nestael Quest
Dwarf.png Dwarf-lieutenant
Dwarf.png Musician
Dwarf.png Townsperson
Dwarf.png Watcher

Hall of Merchants

NPC Function
Ground Floor - South
Dwarf.png Kimbur Green-tree Light Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Lafi Light Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Gowan Smith-son Medium Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Kieri Medium Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Brúni Stonehelm Heavy Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Hákan Ironhammer Heavy Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Ranald Heavy Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Aldwulf Bowyer
Dwarf.png Ari Longarrow Bowyer
Upper Level - at Crest of Stairs
Dwarf.png Belgen One-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Kragg Stout-heart One-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Kyma Grey-bear Two-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Rhodri Blue-boots Two-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Láfi Quartermaster - Summer Festival
Upper Level - outside the Blue Stone Garrison
Dwarf.png Ísrath Reputation: Barter & Quest
Dwarf.png Tórth Reputation: Barter & Quest
Dwarf.png Rútur Reputation: Quest
Dwarf.png Snár Reputation: Quest
Dwarf.png Labourer
Dwarf.png Merchant
Dwarf.png Townsperson
Dwarf.png Watcher

Blue Stone Garrison


Supplies & Services

NPC Function
Dwarf.png Dúthi Supplier & House Furnishing Vendor
Dwarf.png Authun Items & Recipes Vendor
Dwarf.png Wígthor Supplier


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Gaddi Expert Jeweller
Dwarf.png Fielò Expert Tailor
Dwarf.png Óleif Expert Woodworker


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Dwarf Guard
Dwarf.png Townsperson


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Ísrath Barter & Quest
Dwarf.png Tórth Barter & Quest
Dwarf.png Rútur Quest
Dwarf.png Snár Quest

Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Hatt Supplier
Dwarf.png Uffi Provisioner


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Morór Master of Apprentices
Dwarf.png Kyn Master of Crafting Guilds
Dwarf.png Gamall Novice Cook
Dwarf.png Nisti Novice Jeweller
Dwarf.png Dúsi Novice Scholar
Dwarf.png Sandar Novice Tailor
Dwarf.png Nagli Novice Woodworker
Dwarf.png Smíthur Master Craftsman

Class Trainers

NPC Function
HumanF.png Ivy Spokes Lore-master Trainer
Dwarf.png Borin Rune-keeper Trainer


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Egil Oldbeard Quest
Dwarf.png Scholar
Dwarf.png Townsperson

Metalsmith's Guild Hall

NPC Function
Dwarf.png Hávar Metalsmith's Guild Leader
Dwarf.png Reifnir Metalsmith's Guild Crest Recipes
Dwarf.png Grani Metalsmith's Guild Crest Trader
Dwarf.png Lar Metalsmith's Guild Improved Recipes
Dwarf.png Grímnir Metalsmith's Guild Legendary Recipes

Weaponsmith's Guild Hall

NPC Function
HobbitM.png Cottar Tunnelly Weaponsmith's Guild Leader
ElfM.png Hatheldir Weaponsmith's Guild Emblem Recipes
HobbitM.png Ted Woollytoes Weaponsmith's Guild Emblem Trader
HumanM.png Bill Mossman Weaponsmith's Guild Improved Recipes
HumanM.png Rob Greenfield Weaponsmith's Guild Legendary Recipes

Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Vault-keeper Vault-keeper


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Ekkill Novice Metalsmith
Dwarf.png Molda Expert Metalsmith
Dwarf.png Sindri Novice Weaponcrafter
Dwarf.png Thithrandi Expert Weaponcrafter

Forge- and Relic-masters

NPC Function
Dwarf.png Bertel Relic-master
Dwarf.png Rósar Forge-master


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Glasi Ironhand Quest
Dwarf.png Gríss Stonesmasher Quest
Dwarf.png Wafi Quest
Dwarf.png Blacksmith
Dwarf.png Townsperson

Thorin's Hall Inn

Supplies & Services

NPC Function
Dwarf.png Lóthinn Healer
Dwarf.png Walgarth Barber
Dwarf.png Rúnulf Tavern Keep
Dwarf.png Belg Clerk of Kinships

Festival NPCs

NPC Function
Ale Association Tavern Keep
Ale Association Tavern Keep
Dwarf.png Andri Ale Association Member
Dwarf.png Jónar Ale Association Founder
Dwarf.png Lar Ale Association Barterer
Dwarf.png Dýri Games-master
HobbitM.png Inn League Tavern Keep Inn League Tavern Keep
Dwarf.png Óli Inn League Member
Dwarf.png Galmi Dance Leader
Dwarf.png Hálgur Spring Rewards Vendor
Dwarf.png Kylfa Fall Festival Trader
Dwarf.png Imi Festival Cook
Dwarf.png Jorfi Race Trader
Dwarf.png Guthlág Trickster
Dwarf.png Oxi Pipeweed Vendor
Dwarf.png Sparr Festival Provisioner
Dwarf.png Ambi Quest
Dwarf.png Annar Quest
Dwarf.png Laufar Quest
Dwarf.png Mákr Quest


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Glói Party Planner
Dwarf.png Labourer
Dwarf.png Maggi
Dwarf.png Townsperson

The Ale Association

NPC Function
Dwarf.png Gapi Ale Association Kindred Trader

The Festival Arena

NPC Function
Dwarf.png Anniversary Vendor Games-master
Dwarf.png Gísli Strongclub Quest


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