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Welcome to getting your feet wet, whether you've edited a wiki before or not please check out the welcome message below and spend time reading our Guidelines and other helpful links. This will help us all out as you start navigating the ins and outs of the wiki.

  • Users are the initial starting rank of Lotro-Wiki.
  • CAPTCHA is enabled - We are sorry for the inconvenience and we ask that you have patience. This is to ensure spammers and trolls have a harder time with making edits that don't matter, aren't related to the game, or just plain unnecessary. In a short time with a few edits you will be bumped to a higher rank!
  • All edits are flagged for moderation - Again, not a huge deal as you should still see your edits in a short time. This is our second level of defense against spam.
    • Moderation means anything added or changed will remain hidden until approved by an admin.

NOTE: Until further notice, Due to the high volume of spammers:

  • EMAIL confirmation is required to make edits.
  • Users who try to post a URL after creating their account will be banned.
We sincerely hope that these 2 rules are temporary and are working on ways around the new innovation of spammers. We ask for your patience, again making edits, communicating on discord, and overall making honest contributions will get you to the next rank faster!

Welcome Message

User Rights and Privileges

  • Add and remove arbitrary tags on individual revisions and log entries (changetags)
  • Apply tags along with one's changes (applychangetags)
  • Create discussion pages (createtalk)
  • Create new "classes" of pages (createclass)
  • Create pages (which are not discussion pages) (createpage)
  • Edit multiple pages using a spreadsheet (multipageedit)
  • Edit the content model of a page (editcontentmodel)
  • Edit your own user CSS files (editmyusercss)
  • Edit your own user JSON files (editmyuserjson)
  • Edit your own user JavaScript files (editmyuserjs)
  • Edit your own user JavaScript files that are redirects (editmyuserjsredirect)
  • Mark edits as minor (minoredit)
  • Override files on the shared media repository locally (reupload-shared)
  • Overwrite existing files (reupload)
  • Purge the site cache for a page (purge)
  • Read pages (read)
  • Send email to other users (sendemail)
  • Upload files (upload)
  • Use of the write API (writeapi)
  • View the spam blacklist log (spamblacklistlog)

Additionally, confirming your email address adds the following privileges.

  • Edit pages protected as "Allow only autoconfirmed users" (editsemiprotected)
  • Not be affected by IP-based rate limits (autoconfirmed)

The next level of rights and privileges is Ninja.