Michel Delving's Craft-fair

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Michel Delving's Craft-fair
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Settlement: Michel Delving
Location: [34.6S, 75.5W]

Michel Delving's Craft-fair is found in Michel Delving, in the Shire. [34.6S, 75.5W]

The craft-fair is located in the south-western part of the town, elevated above the market. This craft-fair comes second to none. Characters seeking crafting professions should speak with Blossom Proudfoot. East of the fair farmers will find the fertile soil of the South Fields.

This is also the location of the Cook's Guild Hall, a Vault-keeper, vendors, and trainers.


The Cook's Guild Hall

Crafting Facilities

Cook's Guild Hall

Cook's Guild Hall is found at the Craft-fair. [34.6S, 75.6W]

This is the home for the Cook's Guild where it is possible for Cooks to gain reputation and obtain exclusive recipes and items not possible to obtain by other means.

  • Reputation vendors and barterers, quests


NPC Function
Services & Supplies
Vault-keeper Vault-keeper
Marigold Grubb Supplier
Bowman Whitfoot Provisioner
Bill Brockhouse Crafting Trophy Trader
Blossom Proudfoot Mistress of Apprentices
Dob Proudfoot Master of Crafting Guilds
Petunia Greenhand Novice Cook
Jewel Underhill Expert Cook
Berylla Goodchild Novice Jeweller
Cotman Brown Novice Metalsmith
Hildibras Took Novice Scholar
Halfred Bolger Novice Tailor
Balbo Grubb Novice Weaponcrafter
Belba Bracegirdle Novice Woodworker
Redric Woolytoes Master Craftsman
Emerald Borings Quest
Pasco Grubb



Introduction Quests Guild Introduction
Joining a guild requires Expert level
[1] Introduction to Cooking [1] Introduction: Cook's Guild
[1] Introduction to Farming
[1] Introduction to Forestry
[1] Introduction to Jewelcrafting [1] Introduction: Jeweller's Guild
[1] Introduction to Metalsmithy [1] Introduction: Metalsmith's Guild
[1] Introduction to Prospecting
[1] Introduction to Scholarship [1] Introduction: Scholar's Guild
[1] Introduction to Tailoring [1] Introduction: Tailor's Guild
[1] Introduction to Weaponsmithy [1] Introduction: Weaponsmith's Guild
[1] Introduction to Woodworking [1] Introduction: Woodworker's Guild
Following Quests
[1] Practice Makes Perfect