NPC Novice Weaponcrafter

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This page is used by all Novice Weaponcrafter NPCs.

A Novice Weaponcrafter sells materials and tools to Weaponsmiths, as well as recipes below Artisan level.

NPC Location Region
Bob Birchcutter Combe Crafting Hall Bree-land
Rob Hollyleaf Three-farrow Crafting Hall Bree-land
Rose Burrows Buckland Bree-land
Dantlassil Celondim Ered Luin
Hannis Thorin's Gate, Crafting Hall Ered Luin
Sindri Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall Ered Luin
Sindri (Gondamon) Gondamon Ered Luin
Gil Baffin Ost Forod Evendim
Hending Greenhand Oatbarton Evendim
Mat Longacre Tinnudir (Keep) Evendim
Crisdan Craft-hall of Esteldín North Downs
Novice Weaponcrafter Trestlebridge North Downs
Balbo Grubb Michel Delving's Craft-fair The Shire
Fuchsia Proodfoot Bywater The Shire
Gardenia Grubb Brockenborings The Shire
Mimosa Proudfoot Budgeford The Shire
Galuoneth The Forges of Rivendell Trollshaws

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