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Areyekuwe Goodenough
Young, hopeful Hobbit Burglar looking ahead
Shire's Kin: Den of Thieves
World: Brandywine
Vocation: Yeoman
Class: Burglar
Race: Hobbit
Region: The Shire
Age: Good question!
Height: Is this a modeling job interview?
Sex: Married already, thank you!
Skin: My precious, hide
Hair: Anything else?
Eye: Sharp but Dreamy

Shire is where the home is at

Perch 02.jpg
More particularly, Areyekuwe Goodenough (Nicknamed: Mayor of the Golden Perch) who is a descendant of the Old Stoor families of:

  • Goodenough of Green Hill Country them were starting out in the Shire as original Pipe-Weed cultivators, long before smoking became well adopted. Most well known and remembered member of that family became Ivy Goodenough who was wife of original patriarch of Boffin family, Buffo Boffin.
  • Piddifoot of Stock who turned many a head up to this day as they like many things very much like Tall Folks do, including living in houses!?
  • Boffin of Yale a family with many connections to the Bagginses and Tooks, who are some the greatest of families of Fallohide ancestry, certain as such because it can be easily traced in case of say Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins to the Great Took (Bandobras Took, more commonly known as Bullroarer), himself who was an ample example.

Perch 03.jpg
Areyekuwe himself born on the edge of the Shire in Eastfarthing by the Brandywine Bridge in Stock. He is very well acquainted with relations residing in Hobbiton and Michael Delving area, Notably Bingo Boffin having gone to the top of the Cooks Guild rankings and having spent some time working on the farms of South Fields

Personally (switching to the 1st person quick, fast) Fishing around the river and Marsh, mushroom picking if all is well are just the best things to do ever, surely.

Goodenough family is not as well known and over time has avoided the spotlight.

Stoors who were late arrivals in the Shire settles throughout the Eastfarthing, more particularly along the banks of the Brandywine River,
In Buckland and all the way to the Bree, in places like Bree's Little_Staddlemere North Gate's Windview_Estate.
Alas, that very outgoing character of the Great Stoors could have enabled such present day situation.

All this resulted in often non traditional, self reliant character, boat building, swimming in rivers and proactive defense, or wearing of boots when need be.

Mischief Maker, Who? - Burglar, You!

Most articles start with "This famous such and such", in this instance we can no longer pretend that it is acceptable term of play. This is to hint that you are seeking information on the founder of the Shire's kin: Den of Thieves, the infamous Mischief-Maker himself: Areyekuwe.

Goes without saying, here is the title:

Mischief maker.jpg

An alright hobbit from far away in a field or when faced with a challenge, coz keeping cool is a professional trait of all such Burglars, but furiously running and at times down right crushing foes with The Great Took's own club.

Den of Thieves

Some time during January of 2018 it became evident that Brandywine server of LOTRO and The Shire in particular need something for Hobbits, something for Burglars. Den of Thieves, originally all Hobbit farmers (as in possibly, naturally, very likely Yeoman), all Burglar Kin association was formed. Two months later announcement was made that as long as above mentioned Hobbits are of steady enough character to do the craft that they like, it does not matter what craft they do.

In April of 2019, building on attention of the devs and updates to the Burglar class, doors were open to all Hobbits of the Shire and beyond.

Den of Thieves is in fact the official home of the Second Breakfast, as we know what is important and let you get right to it. And when you need each other, the Den is still all there.

Cheers and see you in Turtledown, our home burrow.

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